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1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum follows the adventures of Scheherazade 'Sadie' Keating for a year, beginning with her birthday and graduation from high school. The story begins in New York in 1930 and ends in 1931.

Sadie's archaeologist parents Henry and Morgana went missing while on a dig. Sadie is determined to follow in their footsteps ... and maybe even find some romance along the way. All, hopefully, without the "went missing" part.

The game is a visual novel with heavy stat-raising elements. Sadie goes on local and international 'capers' and is encouraged to overcome numerous challenges by applying the skills she has learned. The skills can be raised permanently through a wide range of activities, and temporarily 'boosted' by using 'inspirations' which also have varied means of acquisition.

There are 11 different major endings, each with 11 [mostly-]minor variations, for a total of 121 endings (though at present, 15 of these cannot be unlocked without directly tampering with the code). Five of the seven major NPCs are potential romantic interests for Sadie, each of whom has a 'Dream' route and a 'Friendship/Relationship' route. If she declines to actively pursue romance, there is always the Dream of Family.

The average player can expect to spend roughly 18 hours on their first playthrough, but significantly less time in subsequent play by skimming or skipping familiar text, growing familiar with goals and game mechanics, etc.

Release Edit

  • Original release: 16 September 2012
  • Demo release: 17 September 2012
  • Steam release: 26 March 2015

System Requirements Edit

  • Windows 8 / 7
  • 1 GHz Processor (2 GHz Recommended)
  • 2 GB Available System Memory
  • 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • Best on Resolutions higher than 800x600 [1]

Ren'Py Statistics Edit

  • 44,900 screens of dialogue
  • 647,521 words
  • 1,395 menus[2]

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Trailer Edit

1931 Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum Trailer

1931 Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum Trailer