1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum Credits

Scheherazade Credits

Project Leader and Lead Designer

  • Larry Sawh

World Lead and Design

  • John Daly


  • Nicole Aniceto (Character)
  • Christina Bertrang (UI and Animation)
  • Melissa Davidson (UI Concept)
  • Anh Sawh
  • David McKenna


  • Roman Dudarev (lead)
  • Eugene Slavinyak
  • Anh Sawh
  • Arick Chow (Intern)
  • Cong Charlie Qin (Intern)

Visual Novel Engine

Project Editor

  • John Daly

Story Editor

  • Samantha Holloway

Senior Editors/Authors

  • Emily Chang
  • Michelle Clough
  • John Daly
  • Pauline Horcher
  • Nicole Kim
  • Lindsay Lauters

Senior Authors

  • Jennifer Ripley
  • Roman Tibenski


  • Stuart Fail
  • Janny Li
  • Nate Murray
  • Brent Nichols
  • Zachary Ritter
  • Jason Robbins
  • Kristian Toft

Data Entry

  • Marco Salazar de Leon
  • Kerri Urquhart

Project Producer

  • Larry Sawh

Human Resources

  • Michael Scarpelli

Corporate Counsel

  • Robert Wernli

Quality Assurance

  • Anh Sawh
  • Rachel Faulk
  • Misty Nelson

Maps and Photographs


Support, Friendship, and Additional Help

  • Sandra Andrews
  • Colin Donahue

All our Beta Testers

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