Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

I learned an important lesson today: just because Professor Kurt is the most boring lecturer alive doesn't mean he doesn't share some important information! I noticed in his notes that the same motif - an octagon - keeps appearing in ancient libraries all over the world, like Alexandria and Pergamon. If I want to get to the bottom of this, I need to visit the tomb of Sister Mary MacKillop in Australia; she may have come across an important artifact or book during her travels to Egypt.

It seems I'll also have a bit of a bodyguard following me along: Roland says that I've attracted some negative attention from the criminal element. Of course, he might just be saying that to make himself sound important.

On board the plane to Australia, Roland and I spied a familiar and somewhat unwelcome face... Sterling Evans, who seems to be tailing me. We gave him the slip and snatched his luggage after the flight; inside was a coded letter and more bullets and guns than I am entirely comfortable with. The letter (from Sterling's mysterious, unnamed employer) mentioned me a lot and said I had to be kept away from some 'Cartel' and a woman named Kate Leigh. We nabbed the bullets and letter, then booked it out of there; we have to go find Sister MacKillop's tomb anyway..

Sister Mary's tomb didn't give us any further clues about the mysterious octagon motif popping up everywhere, so Roland and I decided to check with Rachel, the granddaughter of Sister Mary's best friend and patron, to see if she could help. Unfortunately, we had company... no matter how often we seemed to leave Sterling and his oh so stealthy car in the dust, we'd get to our next port of call to find he'd already beaten us there! We made it to Rachel's apartment and found it ransacked; we found Rachel at work to first find that Sterling had already been asking questions, then find that he kidnapped her as soon as we walked out the door!

Just when we were wondering if he had spooky mind-reading powers, Roland discovered that Sterling had put a secret radio in our car so he could overhear us. A bit of hotwiring, and we were able to turn it back on him and listen in to him. Based on his boasts and comments to his prisoner, Rachel, we trailed him to Rachel's grandmother's place... only to find that Sterling was waiting for us!

Well, not exactly us... turns out he was never tailing me to begin with. It was Roland he was after, and Rachel and I were just the bait! I... feel strangely insulted! Sterling made off with Roland's wallet, which has his official identification card; Roland is beside himself, albeit in a very restrained and British way. It's almost cute.

At least one good thing came out of this: to thank us for helping her, Rachel shared her grandmother and Sister Mary's info on the octagon. Four sides represent the four daughters of Ptolemy - Cleopatra, Arsinoe, Berenice and Tryphaena - all centered around the library of Pergamon. But what do the other four sides represent? And what are the arrows drawn around the inside?