Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

In Alexandria, I used the puzzle box as a guide to find where the Alexander on my puzzle box would have rested. I came to an old well in the city square, which led to a fascinating series of catacombs… which promptly got me lost. Luckily, I met a man within the tunnels, a Bedouin by the name of Rashad. He led me to an amazing tomb which had been constructed for Alexander the Great. On the walls was an inscription: 'May the Conqueror of Lands lend his strength to the Daughter of Auletes, she who shall be the sole princess of Ptolemy to be seen after death.' It must mean Arsinoe, Cleopatra's sister! She was buried at Ephesus, and Rashad and I are planning to take a trip from Alexandria up north for a day trip to see if we can investigate.

Rashad and I made a day trip to Ephesus to investigate the connection to Arsinoe. We immediately noticed some motifs similar to the tomb of Alexander: use of papyrus glyphs, octagonal monuments, and so on. There was also an indentation that fit my puzzle box, and tons of Roman and Arabic numerals, particularly those referring to the four daughters of Ptolemy: Cleopatra VI Tryphaena, Cleopatra VII, Berenice IV, and Arsinoe the IV. Between the box and the numbers, however, we somehow triggered the collapse of one of the structures, but before it disintegrated, we read a Latin inscription cursing Cleopatra 'below the waves' for betraying her sister. We must get back to Alexandria and see if we can make any sense of this!

After returning from Ephesus, Rashad and I were still on the trail of Ptolemy's daughters. Using the curse about Cleopatra 'beneath the waves' as a hint, I checked out an old tablet recovered from the underwater remains of her palace; it was a diary entry which denounced Berenice and commented that she kept running; it also mentioned the library they were supposed to guard. A trip to a modern library pointed us in the direction of the second Library of Alexandria, which Rashad claimed was near Pompey's Pillar, not far from here. That should be our next destination!

Rashad took me to the ruins of the second Library of Alexandria… and we were followed by some rather suspicious sounding people. To escape, we were forced to close doors behind us and move deeper into the complex. We eventually came upon an octagonal room with four small boxes and an inscription about the four sisters and the Library of Pergamon, the second largest library in the world until Marc Antony shipped the whole thing to Alexandria. The boxes contained scrolls, each referring to parchment within and shields without.

One of our pursuers then caught up with us… it was Ruddy! He's been worried about me ever since he'd heard I'd jumped down a well, and had been following me to try and protect me. He's brought Sterling along as well. It was a near disaster when we accidentally triggered a trap and brought down the whole place, but Rashad saved the scrolls, we managed to get Sterling and Ruddy out of the cave-in, and everything is great! …I think?