Athletics Edit

Badge Athletics
  • Athletics Type-General Physical Skill
  • Grace-Fine Coordination
  • Climbing-Ability to Ascend
  • Leaping-Ability to Jump
  • Strength-Raw Muscle
  • Riding-Comfort on Horseback

Charm Edit

Badge Charm
  • Charm Type-Simple Charisma
  • Deception-Ability to Mislead
  • Diplomacy-Skill at Alliance-Making
  • Flirting-Skill at Winks and Smiles
  • Negotiation-Skill at Deal-Making
  • Animal Handling-Skill with Animals

Dream Edit

Badge Dream
  • Conscience-Awareness of Consequences
  • Courage-Control over Fear
  • Patience-Willingness to Wait
  • Resolve-Determination to Proceed
  • Hope-Faith in Tomorrow

Knowledge Edit

Badge Knowledge
  • Knowledge Type-Formal Learning
  • Problem Solving-Knowledge of Problems and Solutions
  • Language-Knowledge of Different Tongues
  • Cryptography-Knowledge of Codes
  • Repair-Knowledge of Machines
  • Deduction-Knowledge of Investigation

Relationship Edit

Badge Relationship
  • Listen-Hearing What People Say
  • Empathy-Feeling People's Pain
  • Self Knowledge-Capacity for Introspection
  • Tolerance-Enduring Irritation
  • Poise-Self-Possession and Style

Stress Edit

Badge Stress
  • Stress Type-Weight of the World
  • Awareness-Skill at Reading People
  • Fisticuffs-Skill at Brawling
  • Moxie-Skill at Grinning and Putdowns
  • Dodge-Skill at Evasion
  • Escape Artistry-Skill at Getting Out

Wits Edit

Badge Wits
  • Wits Type-Craft and Cunning
  • Magic Tricks-Pulling Rabbits from Hats
  • Occult Lore-Esoteric Knowledge
  • Stealth-Skill at Sneaking
  • Poker-Skill at Gamesmanship
  • Perception-Skill at Seeing, Hearing, etc.

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