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Why so shocked? You have never seen a three-thousand year old mummy before?

Journal EntryEdit

I know a prince. An Egyptian prince. From, heavens, I don't know? The Fourteenth Dynasty?

This is not something that even my rather unusual upbringing really adequately prepared me for. Dad would be over the moon!

But the striking thing is how normal he seems. Well, no, Accommodating? Modern, in an ancient sort of way? I think what I mean to say is that he's much more willing to try to understand the world in which he finds himself than I would have ever expected, but at the same time he's staying remarkably true to the set of ethics with which he was raised.

He's not just fascinating. He's honorable. I like him!

It almost makes me revisit my assumptions about monarchy. [To say nothing of magic, dear journal.]

Dream EntryEdit

My dear journal, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have met him.  I read what I wrote before, “not just fascinating.  He's honorable!” and I just cringe.  I look at it now, and there's this girl from New York trying to pretend that meeting a thirty-six hundred year old boy was just more of the same old lah-de-dah.  In real life, let me tell you, there was a lot more pacing in circles in the dead of night and smothering panic attacks.

Now, there are fewer of those scenes, and most of them are about trying to keep him safe.  He's such a good person – dignified, caring, and endlessly patient with all the nonsense with which he's been subjected (even by certain blondes who might now regret certain early arguments).

Every time I think of him, I find myself smiling.






New Orleans


Trivia Edit

  • Ahmose 'died' at the age of 18.
  • Sadie guesses in her journal that Ahmose was from the 14th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. By most accounts that dynasty ended with the close of the 'Middle Kingdom' period, at around 1650 BCE; its beginning date (the end of the 13th Dynasty) is much less certain, ranging from 1805 to 1725.
  • In Ahmose's Christmas event, it is heavily implied that he and Sadie see Raphael.
  • In his New Orleans caper, instead of using Ahmose's Mr. Saturday sprites, the actual Mr. Saturday sprite was used. This was most likely an error, as Mr. Saturday and Ahmose have different hair colors, eye colors, and skin tones; the difference is noticeable. If not an error, perhaps they decided to not use the 'Ahmose Coat Revealed' sprites where you can see some of his hair; the 'Ahmose Mr. Saturday' sprites show some of Ahmose's hair as well.
  • Ahmose created Kheper as a way to communicate with the Gods. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), Kheper has a personality and is not merely a stone scarab. Kheper kept Ahmose company as Ahmose was in the tomb, and later, Ahmose gives him to Sadie so that they may communicate quickly while she travels.

Dream of Ahmose: Connection to the PrinceEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
From Past to Future 1 4 Hope 4 Resolve 0
Tender Word 1 5 Hope 10
Kheper Shuts Up 2 4 Poise 4 Moxie 20
See Him More 3 6 Hope 5 Resolve 30
Cracking His Reserve 4 7 Moxie 5 Flirting 7 Dream 40
Arguing with Style 5 7 Negotiation 6 Problem Solving 4 Self Knowledge 50
Learn About Him 6 7 Awareness 7 Empathy 5 Occult Lore 5 Listen 60
Making Him Laugh 7 7 Moxie 7 Flirting 6 Awareness 7 Dream 70
Debate the World 8 7 Diplomacy 7 Listen 7 Self Knowledge 6 Conscience 80
Saving His Life 9 9 Resolve 7 Courage 7 Self Knowledge 7 Hope 90
Happy Ending with Ahmose 10 10 Resolve 9 hope 9 Flirting 7 Self Knowledge 10 Dream 100

Relationship with Ahmose: Friendship with the PrinceEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
The Past is Close 1 4 Occult Lore 4 Conscience 0
Nagging Voice of Caution 1 5 Awareness 10
Attendance to Duty 2 4 Resolve 4 Conscience 20
Princely Rectitude 3 6 Conscience 5 Poise 30
Whispers of the Past 4 7 Occult Lore 5 problem Solving 4 Listen 40
Kheper's Leash 5 7 Language 6 Courage 5 Problem Solving 50
Unhesitating Backup 6 7 Courage 7 Poise 5 Resolve 7 Relationship 60
Magical Thinking 7 1-20 Occult Lore 7 Problem Solving 7 Awareness 5 Self Knowledge 70
Distant Perspective 8 7 Deduction 7 Cryptography 7 Conscience 7 Resolve 80
Royal Counsel 9 9 Conscience 7 Self Knowledge 7 Deduction 10 Relationship 90
Eternal Friendship 10 10 Hope 8 Resolve 7 Diplomacy 5 Self Knowledge 12 Relationship 100