An Academic Affair
An Academic Affair
Lived the Dream of Nigel
Unlocks during Nigel's 100 Dream ending

The 'An Academic Affair' achievement is gotten by getting Nigel's 100 Dream ending.

Basics and Getting Started Edit

This guide will list the capers that let you get Nigel's dream points, in order, and with the amounts of dream points you should have at certain parts in the game. Click the links to Nigel's capers to learn how to get all of the points for each caper.

To get onto Nigel's Dream path, you must have at least 30 relationship points with Nigel by Christmas (and make sure he has more relationship points than all other guys). Due to this, the guide will also list the relationship points available for Nigel before Christmas.

You also must be following along with Nigel's Main Adventure.

Getting 30 Relationship Points Edit

New York before Egypt Edit

Egypt Edit

New York after Egypt Edit

Current relationship point tally: 15

Australia Edit

New York after Australia Edit

Current relationship point tally: 30

  • There is a Nigel event on October 27, morning
    • Attribute: +1 Relationship with Nigel
  • Nigel: The Main Adventure
    • Attribute: +1 Relationship with Nigel

India Edit

New York after India Edit

Current relationship point tally: 46

Getting 100 Dream of Nigel Points Edit

The Dream of Nigel path starts during Peru instead of Christmas.

Peru Edit

New York after Peru Edit

Current dream point tally: 30

New Orleans Edit

New York after New Orleans Edit

Current dream point tally: 60

Turkey Edit

Final dream point tally: 100

The achievement unlocks during Nigel's ending event.