Character Information

Ahoy there, musketeer!

Anna is Sadie's best friend. As Sadie's best friend, Anna frequently gets roped into Sadie's 'adventures'.

Anna takes some if not all of the same college classes as Sadie and travels around with her as she wants to be an archaeologist as well. Anna's family owns a stable with horses (though she's scared of them), and since she travels around to the same places Sadie does, it can be assumed that her family is fairly wealthy.

Journal EntryEdit

Dear journal, have I not told you yet about Anna?

Bad Sadie! She's my best friend. Heck, for most of high school, she was my only friend. We were both a bit too eccentric for the other girls - me with the archaeological obsessions, and Anna with the fear of horses and the gift for gambling and the tendency to laugh at just the strangest times. I remember when Norma Howard tried to frame me for pickpocketing: Anna, no more than two thirds her weight, jumped on her back, wrapped her arms around her throat, and just rode her around campus screaming, "Justice! Justice!"

She's the sister I never had. That's all there is to it.


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  • Anna has a fear of horses, yet her family owns stables. Perhaps this is how she learned to fear horses? After all, when Sadie visits those stables, she does remark that Anna's mother is "still breeding them mean"...

Relationship with Anna: The Best FriendEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Skill Boost 1 Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Skill Boost 5 Type Boost Required Relationship Level
Friends Forever 1 4 Listen 4 Patience 0
Onto Your Tricks 1 5 Relationship 10
I Think You're Overreacting 2 4 Patience 4 Tolerance 20
Remembering What You Forget 3 6 Problem Solving 5 Awareness 30
Good Conversation 4 7 Diplomacy 5 Hope 5 Relationship 40
Good Instincts 5 7 Deduction 7 Problem Solving 5 Cryptography 50
Outside Perspective 6 7 Problem Solving 7 Resolve 6 Awareness 3 Hope 60
You Can Count On Me 7 7 Self Knowledge 7 Resolve 7 Empathy 7 Relationship 70
Braver Than You'd Think 8 7 Courage 7 Resolve 7 Problem Solving 7 Poise 80
Trusted Advice 9 8 Awareness 7 Conscience 7 Resolve 7 Hope 90
Faithful Friend 10 10 Courage 8 Diplomacy 7 Resolve 5 Problem Solving 12 Relationship 100