Why the sudden interest in Australia? Bit far from where you’ve been so far, isn’t it?

I told you, it’s my new research project.

Scheherazade australia

Australia with locations

Australia Hotel Australia Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Build Strength
    • When your luggage includes a complete encyclopedia, there's always a chance to exercise! I don't know how people who don't keep bricks in their purses maintain upper body strength.

[If on Sterling's route, after 'Look around for Sterling']

  • Investigate Sterling's Adventures in Australia

[If on Sterling's route, after 'Sterling: The Australian Adventure']

  • Write Irritated Letters to Sterling

[from the start]

  • Go Dancing
    • I deserve the occasional night on the town. No, Anna. Australian boys don't dance on the other side of the road.
  • Plan Escape Routes
    • Can't get too comfortable! Okay, so, if somebody was trying to kick in my door, it's the window facing west with the fire escape.

Base Camp Australia Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Play Poker
    • What better way to pass the time? Wow, you have a pair of aces and a pair of kings? I almost feel bad about showing my three little twos.

[If on Felix's route]

[from the start]

  • Try to Explain the Roland Situation to Anna
  • Retranslate the Egyptian Book of the Dead
    • I can't believe I didn't finish in Alexandria! I really need to find less demanding hobbies.
  • Nap
    • Just gonna close my eyes for a bit. Zzzzzz.

Central Station Australia Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Wait for Supplies
    • Boy, Evelyn's care packages just never get here on time. Pardon me! Have any freight trains come in? It's been ten minutes already!
  • Talk Trains with Felix
    • Nice to see Felix's old hobbies are still going strong! Hey, Felix. It's not the same company making locomotives here and in the States, is it?

[After beating 'The Blood and Art Adventure']

  • Chase Pickpockets
    • Honestly, it's the only kind of exercise I know that never gets boring. You! Hey, you! Captain Hand-in-the-Purse! Don't make me tackle you!

[from the start]

  • Skulk around Central Station
    • All these people coming and going - something interesting must be going on! Oooh. Look at all the interesting people!

[If on Roland's route]

  • Attend a Party with Strange Brits
    • Oh, Roland. Is it time for you to make me crazy again? You'd think they'd invite a better quality of guest...

[from the start]

  • Solve Problems in Sydney

Cuddie Springs Reservoir Australia Inspiration CountryEdit

[After beating 'Ahmose: The Australian Adventure']

  • Study the Hieroglyphs
    • I've got to take another look at these things! I've never seen hieratic script use quite this syntax. Wait, did I just see a 'Sekhmet?

[from the start]

  • Explore the Cuddie Springs Area
    • I think I've got time for some light paleontological surveying! This was probably once a river basin. I wonder who used to drink from it…
  • Rendezvous with Roland in the Middle of Nowhere
    • We can't just go for coffee, huh? Level with me, Roland. We're not out here to escape prying eyes - you just want to look for fossils.
  • Look for Signs of Prehistoric Megafauna
    • I mean to find me some fossils! Come on, Cuddie Springs!  Momma wants to find some giant teeth!

Dr. Pavier’s Manor Australia Adventure CountryEdit

[Not sure when this appears]

  • Visit Professor Pavier
    • Might as well drop in and say hello. It's a learning experience. Yes, sir. I can honestly say I've never met another professor with a more dramatic nude self-portrait in his living room.

[from the start]

  • Play Cards with Pavier’s Caretakers
    • Dr. Pavier may not be around, but his staff has a lot to say! Let's not play for money. Let's play for gossip.
  • Gossip with Pavier’s Ex-Girlfriends
    • Dr. Pavier may not be around, but the ladies picketing his house have a lot to say! No, you can't burn down his house! Think of his cleaning staff!

[If on Ahmose's route]

  • Look for Hints about the Ruby Eye
    • You can't take the living dead to Australia, but you can take Australia to the living dead! Ahmose must be getting pretty fidgety.

[If The Platypus Adventure is completed]

  • Wander the Grounds
    • Don't see gardens like these in Manhattan! Wow. Pretty trees.

Kariong Australia Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Study Rock Art with the Professor
  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • I won't let you down, Mom and Dad. I promise. I think Mom and Dad must've gotten into that gunfight somewhere around here. With bandits, not each other. I think.
  • Head to Kariong for a Long Walk
    • Nature time! I love school, but there's really nothing better than just getting up and walking for six hours.
  • Strike out for Pindar Cave
    • Time to get some climbing in! Oh, applesauce! Why don't they make proper rock-climbing shoes in my size?

Kellett Street Australia Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Investigate Razor Girl Folklore
    • I must know the truth behind the stories! I need lurid details!

[After 'Attend a Party with Strange Brits']

  • Adventure with Roland in Australia

[from the start]

  • Get Kidnapped and Escape
    • Enh. I have an afternoon to kill. I really ought to find a less time-consuming hobby.
  • Cross the Road at Rush Hour
    • Keeps reflexes sharp! Good grief! These people are almost as crazy behind the wheel as I am!

Outback Australia Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Explore the Outback with Felix
    • Come on, Felix! Fresh air would do you good! Oh, come on, Felix!  You learned to fly a plane in no time!  Don't let a little horse throw you around!
  • Observe the Outback Wildlife
    • Ah, quality time with my binoculars! Ooh, that must be a dingo! I wonder if Aunt Evelyn would let me keep one as a pet…

[If on Felix's route, after 'Check in with Felix at Base Camp']

  • Adventure with Felix in Australia

[If on Nigel's route]

  • Work on a Dig with the Professor

[If on Nigel's route, after 'Work on a dig with the Professor']

  • Adventure with Nigel in Australia

Pacific Depths Australia OceanEdit

[from the start]

  • Practice Juggling Knives
    • At least no one else will get hurt out here. Ack! Stop falling point down!
  • Surf
    • And now I go forth to hit some waves. AHAHAHAHA! I can keep my balance on anything! Nice try, ocean!

[After 'Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure']

  • Sit Down and Write Moderately Terrible Poems
    • How can it be so hard to find beautiful words to describe this scene? I don't know where to start. What rhymes with 'amazingly blue?
    • How can it be so hard to find beautiful words to describe this scene? I never should have signed up for an English class that requires humiliation.
  • Just Talk to Ahmose
    • I've hardly had a chance to ask him about his old life... But how many meals did you eat a day? And what were they?
    • I've hardly had a chance to ask him about his old life... Were you raised together with your siblings, or kept apart?
    • I've hardly had a chance to ask him about his old life... As a prince, were you responsible for any specific rituals?
    • I've hardly had a chance to ask him about his old life... What sort of retinue did you have? If any?

Streets of Sydney Australia Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Talk to Some People
    • This is a good time to just meet people. Wow, that's great! Does your son still live nearby, or…?

[Must be activated in New York prior]

  • Investigate an Australian Mystery

[After beating 'The Platypus Adventure']

  • Go Back to that Bar Where Everyone's Fighting
    • I can't believe I miss having Zul around. Hi, fellas! Anybody want to dance?

[from the start]

  • Go Shopping for Oddities
    • Excuse me? Can you point me to stores for visiting eccentrics? Look, I know it's a shrunken head - but how do I know it's really a hundred years old?
  • Bond with Nigel
  • Volunteer at a Local Church
    • Might as well stay out of trouble for a change. I may not look it, father, but I can handle a soup ladle with the best of them!

Sydney Docks Australia Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Watch Brawls Break Out
    • No better place to learn fighting techniques than outside of bars! Oooh. Nice left hook!
  • Pursue the Main Adventure in Australia

[If on Felix's route]

[If on Sterling's route]

  • Look around for Sterling

[from the start]

  • Help Unload Supplies for the Dig
    • This is my good deed for the year! Yeah. Let the genteel lady drag the trunk full of shovels. Thanks, guys.

[after completion of Australia: The Main Adventure]

  • Help Rachel Put Her House Back Together
    • Hey, Rachel? Where does this go? Yes, I do think the guy who kidnapped you is single. Glad I could help out.
    • Hey, Rachel? Where does this go? So, wait, all these vases are new? Let me guess... the ginger-haired kidnapper sent them.

Sydney Police Station Australia Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Practice Fisticuffs
    • Maybe the officers can teach me something about fighting. And boxing kangaroos! No, officer, it's an honest question. I heard headbutting's allowed in Australian boxing, that's all!
  • Test Australian Handcuffs
    • I'm just too used to the American models. Oh, come on, these are nothing! Do you have anything tighter?
  • Check Wanted Posters for Familiar Faces
    • It's not that I expect to find anyone I know, exactly. Whew, none of my friends are on the run! I mean... just making sure.
  • Get Classmates out of the Drunk Tank
    • You people really needed to be weaned more slowly off Prohibition. I don't suppose there's a discount for springing these guys in bulk…

University of Sydney Australia Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Examine Conscience
    • Can't I get out of this place just once without arguing about Aboriginal studies? Sorry, Anna. I'm reading a paper on the European diaspora and indigenous populations, and it's going to be a while...

[If on Ahmose's route]

  • Pursue the Mummy Adventure
    • Note to self: taking Kheper to parties can never end well. All told, not the smoothest introduction to the physical culture of Aboriginal peoples.

[from the start]

  • Study Flirting Techniques
    • How do girls handle themselves with boys on this side of the Equator? Did that girl just pinch that boy on his…? Oh. I should try that sometime.
  • Sit in on Some Classes with the Professor
    • Come on, Nigel! Let's learn something! I was expecting more about the Aborigines, but the archaeology of the convict era is interesting too, I guess.
    • Come on, Nigel! Let's learn something! Put your hand down, Professor - he's not taking questions yet.
    • Come on, Nigel! Let's learn something! Wow. Credit where credit is due, Professor - you're one heck of a taker of notes.
  • Hit the Library
    • Time to crack Linear B! Excuse me? Mr. Librarian? How about I slip you a fiver and you just let me stay here after the doors are locked.