H-hullo there, Miss. I didn’t… see you there.

Bernard is Roland's right hand man who handles the technology. Him and Roland have a good relationship though even Bernard admits that Roland does not tell him everything.
In India, Bernard dies due to being possessed, but his spirit helps out Sadie and Roland in more ways than one. During Christmas on Roland's route, Bernard leads Sadie to Roland. He also guides Sadie during Roland: The Turkish Adventure and helps bring Roland in to help as well.






Trivia Edit

  • Bernard and Roland knew each other as children. Bernard says that they used to fight, "over drops of hokey pokey in a shared sundae" (Roland: The Indian Adventure) and he comments about how he knew him when he was 14.
  • Bernard calls Roland, 'Ro'.
  • Bernard does not actually need glasses. Roland just thinks, due to a bit of prejudice, that Bernard looks smarter with them on and is more likely to listen to him when he wears them.