Bonded with Felix
Bonded with Felix
Maxed out the Relationship with Felix
Unlocks during the ending interview

The 'Bonded with Felix' achievement is gotten from getting 100 relationship points with Felix.

A Guide to Getting 100 Relationship Points Edit

This guide will list the capers that let you get Felix's relationship points, in order, and with the amounts of relationship points you should have at certain parts in the game. Click the links to Felix's capers to learn how to get all of the points for each caper.

New York before Egypt Edit

Egypt Edit

This next point can easily be skipped, so the point tallys will take that into consideration:

New York After Egypt Edit

Current point tally: 13 (12 skipping Nigel)

Australia Edit

New York After Australia Edit

Current point tally: 30 (29 skipping Nigel)

India Edit

New York After India Edit

Current point tally: 47 (46 skipping Nigel)

Peru Edit

New York After Peru Edit

Current point tally: 68 (67 skipping Nigel)

  • Felix: The Main Adventure (two events, second can be viewed after New Orleans)
    • Attribute: +1 (or 2) Relationship with Felix

New Orleans Edit

New York After New Orleans Edit

If you already viewed both Felix: The Main Adventure events before going to New Orleans, there will not be a Felix: The Main Adventure event here.

Turkey Edit

Current point tally: 91 (90 skipping Nigel)

Final point tally: 103 (102 skipping Nigel)

Note, the game shows a max of 100 points.

Another note, technically, you can get +1 Relationship with Felix during Sterling's Christmas event, but since that requires you to be on Sterling's route to see, you would not get that Felix point on Felix's route. There are really 104 Felix relationship points.

What Points Can I Miss? Edit

As stated before, you can easily skip that Nigel: The Egyptian Adventure point. Otherwise, you could skip the side capers, The Book from the Low Countries Adventure and The Third Eye Gang Adventure. From a practicality standpoint, The Third Eye Gang Adventure is one of the most difficult capers in the game, so skipping it makes sense, but, you are with Felix almost the entire time, so playing during his route adds more story. The Book from the Low Countries Adventure is really easy and has a lot of breaks, so you might as well do it.