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  • People have stated that they met the requirements for this achievement yet it did not unlock. The wiki members have not found anything wrong in the code that would prevent it, so if anyone unlocks this achievement or meets the requirements yet cannot unlock it, please leave a comment.
Bonded with Nigel
Bonded with Nigel
Maxed out the Relationship with Nigel
Unlocks during the ending interview

The 'Bonded with Nigel' achievement is gotten from getting 100 relationship points with Nigel.

A Guide to Getting 100 Relationship Points Edit

This guide will list the capers that let you get Nigel's relationship points, in order, and with the amounts of relationship points you should have at certain parts in the game. Click the links to Nigel's capers to learn how to get all of the points for each caper.

New York before Egypt Edit

Egypt Edit

New York after Egypt Edit

Current point tally: 15

Australia Edit

New York after Australia Edit

Current point tally: 30

  • There is a Nigel event on October 27, morning
    • Attribute: +1 Relationship with Nigel
  • Nigel: The Main Adventure
    • Attribute: +1 Relationship with Nigel

India Edit

New York after India Edit

Current point tally: 45

Peru Edit

New York after Peru Edit

Current point tally: 65

New Orleans Edit

New York after New Orleans Edit

Current point tally: 80 (with Albino Alligator) 79 (without Albino Alligator)

Turkey Edit

Final point tally: 102 (with Albino Alligator) 101 (without Albino Alligator)

Note, the game shows a max of 100 points.

What Points Can I Miss? Edit

We have accounted for a total of 102 Relationship with Nigel points. This means you can miss two. Here are our recommendations.