Note: This guide may not be complete as we have 103 points listed. There is a chance that there are a few more, but it is not guaranteed. If you find any points not listed here, please tell us.

Maxed out the Wits attribute
Unlocks once Wits reaches 100

The 'Canny' achievement is gotten from maxing out the Wits stat.

In getting this achievement, you will also get the Maximally Wily achievement.

Capers That Raise Wits and What to Do to Get It Edit

You need to follow these main adventures so their capers activate:

Follow along with all of the guy's main adventures.

The Main Adventure

  • In the beginning of the game, Sadie will have dialogue choices that give +10 points to some base stats.
    • Choose:
      1. Don't worry. I can outwit that type any day of the week.
        • Skill: +10 Wits
    • Choose:
      1. Actually, you're right: that's what high school was all about. Napping with eyes open. Good call, Anna.
        • Skill: +10 Wits
  • After the tutorial, Sadie will automatically get 10 points in Athletics, Charm, Knowledge, and Wits.
    • Skill: +10 Wits

Wits point tally after tutorial: 30

New York Edit

Wits point for New York (not including tutorial): 28

Egypt Edit

Wits point for Egypt: 8

Australia Edit

Wits point for Australia: 7

India Edit

Wits point for India: 10

Peru Edit

Wits point for Peru: 6

New Orleans Edit

Wits point for New Orleans: 6

Turkey Edit

  • Two Adventures Together
    • Pass the 2nd Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
    • Pass the 5th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
    • Choose 'There's got to be something he wants us to notice that he can't just write down' and pass the 7th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
    • Pass the 10th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
    • Choose 'Everyone must have a hiding place somewhere…' and pass the 11th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • Roland: The Turkish Adventure
    • Pass the 1st Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • Nigel: The Turkish Adventure
    • Pass the 5th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • Ahmose: The Turkish Adventure
    • Pass the 5th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits

Wits point for Turkey: 8

Wits Point Tallys Edit

Tutorial: 30

New York: 27

Egypt: 9

Australia: 7

India: 10

Peru: 6

New Orleans: 6

Turkey: 8

Total Wits Points Available=103

What Can You Skip? Edit

There are at least 103 Wits points available, which means you can skip a few capers.

  • Sterling's capers are always long and confusing. Avoid as many of them as possible, especially his India caper.
  • Capers in Turkey as they have high passing values
  • The Albino Alligator Adventure/1931 Peru: The Main Adventure
    • The alligator caper only gives +1 Wits, but you have to beat the Peru caper to unlock it. Avoid two capers for the price of one.

Bonus Challenge Edit

If you're really into punishing yourself or just like a challenge it is possible, though very difficult, to get both the Canny and Charm School Graduate achievements on the same playthrough since the binary choices to increase stats in the tutorial allow you to get +20 to both Wits and Charm at once (at the cost of no increase to Athletics and Knowledge beyond the base +10) and there are only four instances in all the capers in the game that you have to choose between getting a Wits or a Charm stat. Since there are (at latest count) 105 possible Charm points and 103 possible Wits points you can safely divide those choices between the two as long as you do every relevant caper for the increases, though it gives you less leeway for mistakes (ie, if you divide in favor of three Charm points and one Wits points from the conflicting choices you only have a maximum possible of 102 points of each, allowing for only two skips/mistakes). Note that this should NOT be attempted on any difficulty other than easy even if you like challenges or this will end in tears. The instances where you have to choose between getting a Wits or Charm point are shown below in chronological order:

  • The Bigglesworth Adventure
    • Pass the 6th Obstacle using Perception
      • Skill: +1 Charm
    • Pass the 6th Obstacle using Problem Solving
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • The Anna Adventure
    • Pass the 4th Obstacle using Patience
      • Skill: +1 Charm
    • Pass the 4th Obstacle using Wits
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • The Golden Scarab Adventure
    • Pass the 2nd Obstacle using Patience
      • Skill: +1 Charm
    • Pass the 2nd Obstacle using Moxie
      • Skill: +1 Wits
  • The Big Movie Star Adventure
    • Choose 'Fingerprint the trunk.' and then pass the 5th Obstacle using Diplomacy
      • Skill: +1 Charm
    • Choose 'Set up a trap in the prop room' and pass the 4th Obstacle
      • Skill: +1 Wits

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