Let me go, you charlatan! You were involved in my uncle's kidnapping, weren't you? I swear by God that you will pay!

Claudia aspires to become an archaeologist much like her uncle, Julio Tello. Claudia is a spitfire, and refuses to back down from a challenge. She is not always aware of how dirty being an archaeologist can be, but even so, she is willing to try anything. Her and Sadie are very similar in personality.

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  • Kheper allows Sadie to understand other languages and even speak them without Sadie noticing. In Ahmose's Peruvian Adventure, Sadie is speaking to Claudia Tello. Sadie is speaking English, yet Claudia hears Sadie speaking Spanish, even though she notes that Sadie's mouth is not matching the Spanish words she is hearing. This means that Kheper is most likely influencing Claudia so she hears Spanish instead of English and Sadie so that she hears English instead of Spanish.
  • Claudia Tello is the only known person other than Sadie and Ahmose to learn that Sadie has a magical object that allows her to understand other languages. Several other people do think that Kheper is a scarab that the gods can talk through once Ahmose yells at them Kheper as a diversion, though that is not exactly the same thing.
  • Claudia's first language is Spanish, though she does know English. She is just not always sure about English slang.

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