Egypt… the land of Pharaohs. I’m really here.

Scheherazade egypt

Egypt with locations

Alexandria Egypt Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Argue with Strange British Expats
    • I've got no problem with the demiurge as long as the sun's still shining, buddy!
  • Expose Black Market Antiquities Commerce
    • Citizen's arrest, everybody! Even if I'm not a citizen!
  • Explore Alexandria
    • I think this must have been part of the old Jewish Quarter...

[July 11, morning] (IF Sadie caught up on The Royal Family Adventure in New York)

[July 11, morning]

Base Camp Egypt Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Do Extra Credit for Professor Hemsworth
    • Professor, I've color-coded all the labels and fed all the mules. Anything else you need me to do?
  • Squirm out of Doing Extra Credit for Professor Blake
    • University policy is really clear. He has no business making me work fifteen hours a day.

[after 'Say Hello to an Englishman Abroad']

[after 'Look for Looters']

[after 'Visit with Sterling']

Desert Egypt Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Go out and Look for Mirages
  • Explore the Desert
    • How hard can it be to outrun a sandstorm, anyway?
  • Tend to Irritated Camels
  • Count Grains of Sand
    • Ten million thirteen thousand and four. Ten million thirteen thousand and five.

Desert City Egypt Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Learn the Secrets of an Odd Community
    • So, what did your grandmother tell you this symbol meant? Can you recall?

[after completing 'Felix: The Egyptian Adventure']

  • Sip Coffee in Geoff's Shop

[from the start]

  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • Wow, look at this place! Mom and Dad, I wish you were here...
  • Join in the Festivities
    • I refuse to be outdanced by small children! You've all been warned!

Desert Tablet Egypt Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Practice Magic Tricks
    • Now I just move my hand like… fiddlesticks! Stupid coin! Fall into my sleeve, not my lap!
  • Tend to a Camel
    • Look, Mr. Spitter. You don't like me and I don't like you, but that saddle's going to chafe if I can't get to it.

[after 'Visit with Sterling', Streets of Cairo]

[from the start]

  • Go to the Practical Session
  • Kill Time with the Dig Team
    • All in favor of playing cards and making fun of Professor Blake behind his back?

Khan el-Kalili Egypt Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Haggle at the Suq
    • Ten? I'm not paying ten! That's outrageous! I couldn't possibly go higher than two.
  • Look around with Anna
    • Oh, now you're just fishing for compliments. It looks good. I'm hungry. Buy it and keep moving.
  • Help Classmates Lug Purchases Around
    • Didn't I tell you to bring some kind of cart with you? Didn't I?
  • Practice Egyptian Arabic
  • Chase Pickpockets
    • Get back here, you thief! I've caught crooks twice your speed!

Landing Field Egypt Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

[after 'Go to the Practical Session', Desert Tablet]

[after 'Check in on Felix']

  • Play Cards with Felix and the Mechanics

Museum Egypt Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Study the Display Collection
  • Attend a Lecture
    • Sir? Can we set aside the issue of whether jazz is the devil's music and get back to demotic script?
  • Ask Professor Hemsworth a Lot of Questions
    • I'm sorry to keep bothering you, Professor Hemsworth. Just four more pages of questions to go!

[if Sadie paused during Nigel: the Egyptian Adventure]

[from the start]

Pyramid Egypt PyramidEdit

[from the start]

  • Don’t Climb the Pyramids
  • Climb the Nearby Cliffs
    • Okay, crack in the rock. If you're not a hidden tomb, I climbed a long way for nothin'!
  • Look for Looters
  • Work out the Geometry

Roman Tomb Egypt Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Study the Tomb
  • Volunteer to Help Dig and Sift at the Site
    • I'm not finding much, but I'm getting the technique down.
  • Take Sketches for Evelyn’s Scrapbook
  • Research the Tomb
    • Okay, now, this is useful. And to think Anna made fun of me for carrying a dozen books out here!
  • Admire the Mosaics
    • You may be my favorite tesserae in the whole world.

Streets of Cairo Egypt Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Watch the Street Children
  • Play Poker in Seedy Places
    • Is that an ace up your sleeve, or do you just have very unusual cufflinks?

[unlocked by 'Drop in on Sterling' in New York]

[from the start]

  • Practice Juggling
    • Somebody get me something on fire to juggle! Keep me on my toes!
  • Look for Medieval Mosques
    • You know, I'm almost happy Anna spilled coffee all over my maps. Look what I stumbled onto!

Tomb Egypt PyramidEdit

[from the start]

[if Sadie pauses at the 2nd/5th/6th Obstacle of Sterling: the Egyptian Adventure]

[from the start]

  • Plan out a Proper Dig
  • Document Everything in Sight

Village Egypt Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

[if Sadie paused at the 1st Obstacle of Sterling: the Egyptian Adventure]

[after completing 'Sterling: the Egyptian Adventure']

[from the start]

  • Work on the Truck
    • Somebody show me where the fuel line is and how to tape it up. Please?

Windsor Hotel Egypt Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Hang out with the Other Students
    • Okay, Steven, I'll bite. How many olives can you fit in one nostril?
  • Take Dinner with the Diplomats
    • Oh, no, Sir Andrew, you're quite right. That's much shorter than a regulation croquet mallet.
  • Double Down on Studying
    • No point in toting textbooks across an ocean if I'm not gonna read them!
  • Write Embarrassing Fan Letters to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    • Anna, I'm writing a letter! Do men like it if you say their eyes are smoldering?
  • Sleep In

Trivia Edit

  • Fort Qaitbey (referenced when Sadie's capers take her to Alexandria) was commissioned in 1480 by a Mamluk sultan, and was built over (and out of) the ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Pharos lighthouse. The latter was built in the 3rd century BCE during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, but after sixteen centuries and several earthquakes was effectively abandoned.


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