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Sadie! Ah, there you are. What on earth are you up to?

Evelyn is Sadie's aunt on her mom's side. Ever since Sadie's parents disappeared, Evelyn has been taking care of her in their stead. Evelyn often does not approve of Sadie's capers and yet when she is going on her own capers with Sadie, she seems more open minded to the strange tactics Sadie uses to reach her goals, showing that she really does have Sadie's best interests at heart.

Journal EntryEdit

And then there's Aunt Evelyn.

I'll tell you, dear journal, my parents never did anything better for me than leaving me with Mom's sister Evelyn when they left on their last trip. I include giving birth to me in that. I was alone and scared and waiting for another terrible shoe to drop, and thanks to Evelyn it never did.

She raised me as her own, while always insisting Mom and Dad would come back, and she never once allowed me to go to bed feeling like I wasn't loved and like the world wasn't basically a good place. She's eccentric, she's temperamental, she says that Prohibition saved drinking by taking it away from stinky men in saloons and giving it to women of refinement and long lists of friends, and I love her more than anything.

That said, she can be an incredible pain in the you-know-where. And I'm not entirely sure that she'd be able to feed herself without the aid of Bigglesworth, the finest butler alive. But, really, we all have our quirks.


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Trivia Edit

  • In Ahmose's Christmas event, Sadie implies that Evelyn never got married due to liking Rüdeger.

Relationship with Evelyn: AuntieEdit

Relationship with Evelyn
Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Bedrock of the Family 1 4 Self Knowledge 4 Conscience 0
Well-Timed Nag 1 5 Awareness 10
Curious Eccentricity 2 4 Tolerance 4 Moxie 20
Word of Encouragement 3 6 Resolve 5 Courage 30
Tie to the Past 4 7 Self Knowledge 5 Poise 5 Relationship 40
Wordly Insight 5 7 Tolerance 7 Problem Solving 5 Deduction 50
Life-Long Support 6 7 Self Knowledge 5 Empathy 5 Hope 7 Relationship 60
Joie de Vivre 7 7 Hope 7 Moxie 7 Grace 7 Poise 70
Unique Insight 8 1-25 Problem Solving 7 Cryptography 7 Deduction 7 Awareness 80
Own Personal Anchor 9 9 Resolve 7 Courage 7 Moxie 10 Relationship 90
Unconditional Love 10 10 Empathy 8 Self Knowledge 7 Courage 5 Patience 12 Relationship 100