Action Felix

Dear Diary,

Felix and I had the opportunity to travel with soldiers of the British Raj and visit some places that usually weren't open to foreigners. Unfortunately, their commander, Second Lieutenant Hickok, was a particularly loathsome individual who ripped into Felix for the sole crime of being German… and when Felix uncovered some evidence that the lieutenant was smuggling opium, Hickok ended up using his family letters (written in German) as proof that he was a spy! When I objected, I was restrained and thrown in a tent as well, but luckily I know a few ways of slipping out of ropes! I found Felix and we ran out into the jungle to find Hickok's superior… easier said than done! After flooded rivers and heat and who knows what else, we made it to the First Lieutenant's convoy and handed over our evidence… not to mention saved him from an assassination attempt! He was reluctantly forced to cancel our escort through the area until things have been cleared up, but I think I've had more than enough adventure for one day!