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Don't worry, I'll keep this plane flying. I've gotten used to being shot at.

Journal EntryEdit

There was a time, when I was a kid, when Felix Weber was my best friend. Anna insisted on playing with dolls and talking about dresses, bless her heart, but Felix would climb trees with me.

Then he went one way, and I went another, and now it's years later and all of a sudden he's someone who needs to shave, who has a job to support his mother and sisters.

He's also a mechanical genius, and a self-taught pilot, and he's the man who lugs around all the equipment the archaeology department can't be bothered to deal with on its own. If there's any justice in the world, he'll get a job with the Ford Motor Company and be filthy rich in five years or less - and he'd deserve it, because there isn't a nicer man alive.

And you can tell, just from talking to him for five minutes, that he's still up for climbing trees.

Dream Entry Edit

When I was a kid, I always assumed that Felix would be here for me forever. I think I even needed him to be. I had lost my parents, and the idea of losing other people I cared about just filled me with dread, because it seemed so possible.

And then Felix had to go to another school, and his family moved, and it was terrible. I've never told him this, and I never will, but Aunt Evelyn could barely coax me out of my room for a week after he left, maybe more. And then I tried to convince Evelyn to help me (and Anna) go to his new school. Honestly, I was a brat about it, but losing him was like losing part of myself.

I don't know why that's coming back to me now. He's working at the university, and I mean to make sure he'll be able to study here and become the man he wants to be. I have a plan. He's not going anywhere.

Dear journal, I really don't want to lose him again.


New York





New Orleans


Trivia Edit

  • Felix's birthday was originally going to be May 7, but due to Sadie being in Turkey on that date, his birthday was changed.
  • Felix has a sister named Annaliese.
  • Felix's parents are both from Germany.
  • Felix's father has lived in the USA since he was a kid, but he prefers to speak in German.
  • Sadie sometimes calls Felix, 'Feeweeb'

Dream of Felix: Connection to the Boy Who Came HomeEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Head in the Clouds 1 4 Hope 4 Self Knowledge 0
Easy Companionship 1 5 Courage 10
Flirty Banter 2 5 Flirting 4 Awareness 20
A Hand to Hold 3 5 Courage 5 Resolve 30
Keep the Motor Running 4 6 Repair 5 Flirting 3 Problem Solving 40
Trust 5 7 Resolve 6 Hope 5 Self Knowledge 50
Rapport of Many Years 6 7 Awareness 7 Courage 3 Empathy 5 Dream 60
Mutual Support 7 7 Resolve 7 Tolerance 5 Courage 5 Moxie 70
Years of Laughter 8 7 Flirting 7 Moxie 6 Awareness 8 Dream 80
Deep Friendship 9 9 Poise 8 Flirting 7 Hope 7 Empathy 90
Happy Ending with Felix 10 10 Flirting 9 Self Knowledge 8 Hope 8 Empathy 10 Dream 100

Relationship with Felix: Friendship with the Boy Who Came HomeEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
A Friendly Face 1 4 Moxie 3 Charm 0
Fixer-Upper 1 5 Repair 10
Gentle Soul 2 4 Conscience 4 Listen 20
Stealth Tickle 3 5 Flirting 5 Moxie 30
Steady Hands 4 6 Poise 5 Repair 3 Grace 40
Steadfast Support 5 7 Resolve 5 Courage 5 Relationship 50
Mechanical Marvel 6 7 Repair 7 Problem Solving 5 Deduction 5 Moxie 60
Steady at the Wheel 7 7 Poise 7 Grace 7 Courage 7 Dodge 70
Good Nature 8 7 Diplomacy 7 Flirting 7 Empathy 9 Relationship 80
Right Good Laugh 9 9 Poise 7 Flirting 7 Magic Tricks 10 Relationship 90
Indispensable Partnership 10 10 Resolve 7 Problem Solving 7 Hope 5 Empathy 12 Relationship 100