Kheper is an ancient stone scarab who is serving Ahmose. He's very chatty and most of the time he tries to crack some jokes.

Ahmose created Kheper after becoming a mummy. Originally Kheper should have served as Ahmose's direct emissary to the gods. When Sadie prepares for Australia, Ahmose can give Kheper to her to use as a sort of ancient magical mobile phone.

Capers Edit

Kheper will only appear in these capers if Ahmose has given him to Sadie.

New York





New Orleans


Kheper may also make an appearance in the interview with Lana Lone at 1931's conclusion.

Trivia Edit

  • Kheper allows Sadie to understand other languages and even speak them effortlessly. In Ahmose's Peruvian Adventure, Sadie is speaking to Claudia Tello. Sadie is speaking English, yet Claudia hears her speaking Spanish, even noting that Sadie's lips don't match what she is hearing.
    • Claudia is the only other character that may discover (during any dialogue in 1931, anyway) Sadie's 'translation' secret.
  • Kheper's abilities only seem to work when it is awake - which explains why Sadie doesn't always have the gift of language mentioned above (i.e. still has to actually use her Language Skill in capers).

Gallery Edit

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