Kheper is an ancient stone scarab who is serving Ahmose. He's very chatty and most of the time he tries to crack some jokes.

Ahmose created Kheper after becoming a mummy. Originally Kheper should have served as Ahmose's direct emissary to the gods. When Sadie planned to travel to Australia, Ahmose gave Kheper to her so they would be able to talk with each other using him as some kind of ancient magical mobile phone.

Capers Edit

Kheper will only appear in these capers if Ahmose has given him to you. This only includes capers that Kheper speaks in.

New York





New Orleans


Trivia Edit

  • Kheper allows Sadie to understand other languages and even speak them without Sadie noticing. In Ahmose's Peruvian Adventure, Sadie is speaking to Claudia Tello. Sadie is speaking English, yet Claudia hears Sadie speaking Spanish, even though she notes that Sadie's mouth is not matching the Spanish words she is hearing. This means that Kheper is most likely influencing Claudia so she hears Spanish instead of English and Sadie so that she hears English instead of Spanish.
  • Claudia Tello is the only known person other than Sadie and Ahmose to learn that Sadie has a magical object that allows her to understand other languages. Several other people do think that Kheper is a scarab that the gods can talk through once Ahmose yells at them Kheper as a diversion, though that is not exactly the same thing.
  • Khepers abilities only seem to work when he is awake, a point that is conveniently used throughout the game to explain why Sadie cannot always figure out what another language means.

Gallery Edit

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