Hey, Sadie. How you doin', kid? Lana Lone, New York Tribune. Can I ask you a few questions?

Lana Lone is a society page writer for the New York Tribune. At the end of 1931, Lana decides to write an article about Sadie and originally asks Nigel for information. He suggests she ask Sadie herself. Sadie then goes through and explains most of the capers that she completed in that year.

Lana is the author of the newspapers seen after capers and throughout the game. Her newspaper can be seen on the 1931 Newspapers page.

Capers Edit

New York

  • Ending Interview

Trivia Edit

  • Lana writes the newspaper articles at the ends of capers. Nigel's Turkish Adventure newspaper talks about how the writer knows Nigel, and Lana knows Nigel.
  • Sadie recognizes Lana as writing a society page in a paper....and from singing karaoke on top of Evelyn's piano at Evelyn's parties.
  • Titles Lana considered for the article about Sadie
    • The Nighttime Tales of Scheherazade Keating!
    • Lady of One Thousand and One Discoveries!
    • Debutante of the Dunes (Which Evelyn said she would break Lana in half if she used this one, though it sounds no worse than the first option)

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