Last of the Keatings
Last of the Keatings
Lived the Dream of Family
Unlocks during the 100 Dream of Family ending

The Last of the Keatings achievement is awarded when Sadie finishes the year with 100 Dream of Family points.

A Guide to Getting 100 Dream of Family Points Edit

This guide will list the capers and events that let you get Dream of Family points, in order, and with the amounts of Dream of Family points you should have at certain parts in the game. Click the links to the individual main adventure capers to learn how to get all of the points for each caper.

For ease, we recommend having The Main Adventure open in another tab.

New York before Egypt Edit

Egypt Edit

New York after Egypt Edit

Current point tally: 18

  • [August 15, morning]
    • Pass the 1st obstacle (part of Australia Main Adventure)
      • Attribute: +1 Dream of Family

Australia Edit

New York after Australia Edit

Current point tally: 32

  • No more Dream points until ...

India Edit

New York after India Edit

Current point tally: 45

Peru Edit

New York after Peru Edit

Current point tally: 69

  • No points gained

New Orleans Edit

New York after New Orleans Edit

Current point tally: 85

Turkey Edit

New York after Turkey Edit

Final point tally: 100

What Can You Skip? Edit

Since there are exactly 100 Dream of Family points, you can't skip any of the capers listed. However, you can completely avoid talking to all of the guys and skip all of their events.