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My name is Lorelei Krause, but I generally go by Lore. The nickname's too good to pass up for someone in my profession.

This curiously glamorous German archaeologist is introduced during Sadie's trip to Turkey. Ms. Krause invariably becomes a key figure in the final capers of 1931.

Whether Sadie comes to view her as more of a kindred spirit or more as some form of rival is, well, rather up to Sadie.

However, Lorelei's collaboration with Rüdeger von Prenzwald in the ending of 1931, her willingness to hurt Nigel, destroy relics, and temporary partnership with Marcel Valentin all make Sadie weary. Even so, Lorelei is the reason Sterling is able to leave Turkey without going to prison and does help Sadie out during several capers. In general though, Lorelei does whatever will help her at the time. If helping Sadie will do that, then she will help Sadie.

Lorelei also starts dating Sterling in his friendship endings.

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  • Lorelei has a sister
  • Lorelei's sister is married to Gunter
  • Lorelei wrote a book about curses that Sadie can read in Turkey
  • Read with a strict German accent, 'Lore' sounds more like "Laura" [with an English, i.e. not Latin, accent] than "lore". (The English pun is perfectly intact, regardless; however the pun surely wouldn't play out the same auf Deutsch, as 'Lore' in German refers to an oversized vehicle - like the British-English 'lorry'.)
  • The formal German equivalent of the English 'lore' is Überlieferung.

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