Obstacle Dream
This achievement may be bugged
  • It is our belief that you cannot get 100 relationship points with more than one guy at a time. Due to this, this page is under construction until more information is gotten.
Loved by All, Romanced by None
Loved by All, Romanced by None
Maxed out all Relationships, kept Dream of Family
Unlocks during the ending interview

The 'Loved by All, Romanced by None' achievement is gotten for getting 100 relationship points with all of the male characters (Roland, Sterling, Felix, Nigel, and Ahmose), yet keeping the Dream of Family.

Some Things to Note Edit

One must get 100 Dream of Family while also getting 100 relationship points with Roland, Sterling, Felix, Nigel, and Ahmose.

This achievement possibly has multiple bugs as it seems like you cannot get 100 points for several characters. Only one Christmas and Easter event can occur per playthrough, and given how much a single high Relationship score is dependent on both of those events, this achievement currently seems impossible.

Capers Needed to Get Achievement Edit

New York





New Orleans


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