What is the meaning of this? Thievery? I think you've finally gone mad, Lorelei.

Mesud Osman is a minor character in 1931.

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  • In actuality, 'Mesud Osman' is an (obvious) cover for Zul al Zan. (Whether he acquired the identity of an actual person or fabricated a fictional one is unclear.)
  • Zul uses Mesud's mansion to store goods he had 'acquired' and planned on fencing or giving back to their original countries.
  • While Sadie is in Egypt during Ahmose's Turkish Adventure, she stays in "Mesud's" mansion.
  • Lorelei questions him after accusing him of 'acquiring' some of her artifacts. Zul states that his disguise has worked for a long time (somehow).
    • Zul did nothing to conceal the scar over his eye while in his Mesud disguise, so how nobody saw through it is astonishing.

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