What is the meaning of this? Thievery? I think you've finally gone mad, Lorelei.

Mesud Osman is an antiquities preservationist in Turkey who buys antiques to store so they do not get fenced. In actuality, 'Mesud Osman' is an (obvious) cover for Zul al Zan. Zul used Mesud's mansion to store goods he had 'acquired' and planned on fencing or giving back to their original countries. Lorelei was the one to originally question him after she accused him of 'acquiring' some of her artifacts. Zul states that his disguise has worked for a long time (somehow).

While Sadie was in Egypt during Ahmose's Turkish Adventure, Sadie stayed in Mesud's mansion.

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Trivia Edit

  • Zul did nothing to conceal the scar over his eye while in his Mesud disguise, so how nobody saw through it is astonishing

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