Oh, Anna! Isn't it beautiful? I can't believe I've never been to New Orleans before... and it's such a short ways away!

Scheherazade new orleans

New Orleans with locations

Bayou New Orleans Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Explore the Bayou
    • I don't care what Anna says. Yay for getting lost! I'm so glad I brought a compass and tall boots.
  • Escape Nervous Bootleggers
  • Go Adventuring with Anna
  • Study Bayou Wildlife

Bourbon Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Check out the Tourist-Friendly Voodoo Shops

[If on Sterling's route and after 'Drop in on Sterling']

  • Adventure with Sterling in New Orleans

[from the start]

  • Review Local Restaurants for the University Newspaper
    • I have a new justification for eating out! If you like seafood and things that are fried, this is the place for you!

[If on Roland's Route]

  • Hang around with Roland
    • You know, I do believe there's no one shooting at us. Roland! I was wondering where you'd be lurking!

[from the start]

  • Play Poker and Run
    • Some people are surprisingly touchy about getting beat by college girls. Don't swing that knife at me! I won it from you fair and square!

Cafe du Monde New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Eat Beignets Until Forced to Leave
    • It's what any right-thinking visitor to this fine city would do! I have more money. Please don't make me go!
  • Catch up on the Diary
  • Argue with Felix about the Pharaohs Lighthouse
    • No, no, no. It's a good thought, but it wouldn't have worked. It had to be mirrors. Did you really just make a working model from salt shakers and tin foil?

[if 'Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure' has been seen]

Charity Hospital New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Volunteer at the Hospital
    • Whatever you need me to do, I'll do. Just keep the pressure on - I'll let a doctor know you're here!
  • Visit the Hospital Chapel
    • A few moments of quiet contemplation would help. I should really do this more often.
  • Take First Aid Classes
    • It's actually surprisingly useful to know how to stop my friends from bleeding to death. I lead a strange life, and I'll take all the advice I can get.
  • Ride in an Ambulance
    • I call shotgun! Please let me do the siren! Please!

Chartres Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Climb up to a Balcony
    • A dare, you say? Miss Anna, I do confess I am intrigued. Nuts. If I'd known I'd be climbing a drainpipe I wouldn't have worn heels.

[If you have completed 'Begin a Hunt for the Fountain of Youth' in New York' (does not always appear)]

  • Adventure with Steven and Co.

[from the start]

  • Call Evelyn
    • I'd better check in before she calls the governor to demand a search party. Again. Aunt Evelyn, I'm having a lovely time. Nobody's offered me beads for anything.

Decatur Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Find a Poker Game around Decatur
    • I'm looking for a speakeasy where sailors aren't losing enough money yet! Come on, just a nickel a hand! I dare you!

[After 'Talk Strategy with Kheper']

  • Adventure with Ahmose
    • Try to tell me this isn't more fun than hiding in the museum. Go on. Don't be so self-conscious, Ahmose. I get into all sorts of trouble even when you're not around.

[from the start]

  • Try to Find some Jazz Music
    • Come on, it's New Orleans! Where's the party? I just need something to keep me going 'til I can get back to Duke Ellington...
  • Adventure with the Professor in New Orleans
  • Help Fix a Car in the Middle of the Road
    • Well, here's my good deed for the day. Felix would be so proud.

Jackson Square New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Show off Some Magic Tricks
    • Oh, tourists. You're about to be astounded and you don't even know it. Pick a card, any card!
  • Meet up with Madame Genevieve
    • My old ballet teacher? Here? Do I really have to hold this plié for another ten minutes? Really?
  • Practice Magic with Nigel

Pontchartrain Hotel New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Mingle with Guests at the Pontchartrain
    • Good grief. Familiar faces from Evelyn's parties everywhere! You're joking! Aunt Evelyn always told me she just found the hat in the street!
  • Have Dinner and Read Rüdeger's Latest Monograph
    • Encryption in Classical Greece and Rome, huh? Nice. Darn it, Ruddy. Is it too much to ask that you restrict yourself to German words I already know?
  • Adventure with Felix in New Orleans
  • Write to Sterling

Racetrack New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Watch the Races
  • Borrow a Horse
    • I'm not above begging the owners. Oh, come on. You can see he wants to stretch his legs!

[If on Roland's Route and after 'Hang around with Roland']

[If on Ahmose's route]

[from the start]

  • Gamble with Roland
    • Okay, just a small bet. You better win, Lady Gently! Roland's got too much of my money already!

St. Louis Cemetery New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Look for Voodoo Iconography
    • Anything interesting on the mausolea over there? Hm. Look at that symbol. I wonder if this was someone important.

[if on Nigel's path]

  • Scout Gangland Mansions with Nigel

[from the start]

  • Chase Away Vandals
    • I really don't like seeing resting places defaced for no reason. Get out of here, you crumbs!
  • Find Somewhere Quiet to Sit
    • Time for a break. I guess I shouldn't be surprised it's so peaceful.

Streets of New Orleans New Orleans Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Hunt Down Stolen Artifacts
    • I guess I have some more unsavory rumors to pursue. I heard this is the place to go if you're looking for treasures from Egypt. You snake.
  • Pursue the Main Adventure in New Orleans
  • Defend against Pickpockets
    • I'm keeping my purse today, thieves. Count on it! Try to rob me. Just try.
  • Trade Secrets with Local Magicians
    • I have a list of people I want to learn from, actually. Wait, wait, wait! Show me that again! That was amazing!

Tulane University New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Sit with Steven as He Groans about the Humidity
    • I'm a saint. Yes, Steven. It's hot. No, Steven. You'd never complain. Yes. It's hot.

[if on Dream of Family path]

  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • I won't let you down, Mom and Dad. I promise. I think Dad lived in an empty classroom in Tulane for a couple of months when he was a kid.

[if on Dream of Felix path]

  • Daydream about Felix
    • If I can't stop thinking about him, I might as well see what comes of it. I wonder how many costumes I can make the poor man try on while we're here...

[if on Dream of Nigel path]

  • Daydream about Nigel
    • I guess this is more dignified than mooning around his office. There's something disturbingly right about having a man I can spend hours in a library with.

[if on Dream of Ahmose path]

  • Daydream about Ahmose
    • I really have to get that mummy out of the museum and down here. He's never seen mountains... We really have to get your bandages looked at, Ahmose. The humidity's messing them up something fierce.

[if on Dream of Sterling path]

  • Daydream about Sterling
    • I wonder what that lunatic's doing now. It's probably stupid and reckless and I wish I were there. Oh, Lord. I want him, but he gives me such a headache.

[if on Dream of Roland path]

  • Daydream about Roland
    • I hope Roland's not getting shot at without me. I hope the next time I see him I don't have to worry that he's on the verge of death.

[from the start]

  • Contend with the Local Young Men
    • And I thought New York boys were determined! Look, I appreciate all these beads, but...
    • And I thought New York boys were determined! Keep back! I have too many crazy boys following me around as is! BACK!

Waterfront Hotel New Orleans Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Dance at the Waterfront Ballroom
    • Sometimes, you just have to stretch your legs with style. Sorry, mister! I'll try to keep my elbows to myself next song!
  • Practice Dancing at the Waterfront Ballroom
    • It's like fun, only I sweat more! Darn it, I always get this step wrong!
  • Sit in the Dining Room and Work on Crossword Puzzles
    • Because I wasn't frustrated enough to begin with. Ten to one the person responsible for this puzzle doesn't even speak English.

[If on Sterling's Route]

  • Drop in on Sterling
    • Come on, Sterling! Let's hang out together in public for a short period of time! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

[from the start]

  • Help Classmates Get Home
    • Why am I always the one stuck getting drunk girls into cabs? It would be easier to outrace that cop if you weren't throwing up on my shoes.