Oh, Anna! Isn't it beautiful? I can't believe I've never been to New Orleans before... and it's such a short ways away!

Scheherazade new orleans

New Orleans with locations

Bayou New Orleans Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

Bourbon Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

[If on Sterling's route and after 'Drop in on Sterling']

  • Adventure with Sterling in New Orleans

[from the start]

  • Review Local Restaurants for the University Newspaper
    • If you like seafood and things that are fried, this is the place for you!

[If on Roland's Route]

  • Hang around with Roland

[from the start]

  • Play Poker and Run
    • Don't swing that knife at me! I won it from you fair and square!

Cafe du Monde New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Eat Beignets Until Forced to Leave
    • I have more money. Please don't make me go!
  • Catch up on the Diary
  • Argue with Felix about the Pharaohs Lighthouse

[if 'Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure' has been seen]

Charity Hospital New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Volunteer at the Hospital
    • Just keep the pressure on - I'll let a doctor know you're here!
  • Visit the Hospital Chapel
  • Take First Aid Classes
  • Ride in an Ambulance
    • Please let me do the siren! Please!

Chartres Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Climb up to a Balcony
    • Nuts. If I'd known I'd be climbing a drainpipe I wouldn't have worn heels.

[If you have completed 'Begin a Hunt for the Fountain of Youth' in New York' (does not always appear)]

  • Adventure with Steven and Co.

[from the start]

Decatur Street New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Find a Poker Game around Decatur
    • Come on, just a nickel a hand! I dare you!

[After 'Talk Strategy with Kheper']

  • Adventure with Ahmose
    • Don't be so self-conscious, Ahmose. I get into all sorts of trouble even when you're not around.

[from the start]

  • Try to Find some Jazz Music
    • I just need something to keep me going 'til I can get back to Duke Ellington...
  • Adventure with the Professor in New Orleans
  • Help Fix a Car in the Middle of the Road

Jackson Square New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

Pontchartrain Hotel New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Mingle with Guests at the Pontchartrain
    • You're joking! Aunt Evelyn always told me she just found the hat in the street!
  • Have Dinner and Read Rüdeger's Latest Monograph
    • Darn it, Ruddy. Is it too much to ask that you restrict yourself to German words I already know?
  • Adventure with Felix in New Orleans
  • Write to Sterling

Racetrack New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Watch the Races
  • Borrow a Horse
    • Oh, come on. You can see he wants to stretch his legs!

[If on Roland's Route and after 'Hang around with Roland']

  • Adventure with Roland in New Orleans

[If on Ahmose's route]

[from the start]

  • Gamble with Roland

St. Louis Cemetery New Orleans Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Look for Voodoo Iconography

[if on Nigel's path]

  • Scout Gangland Mansions with Nigel

[from the start]

  • Chase Away Vandals
  • Find Somewhere Quiet to Sit
    • I guess I shouldn't be surprised it's so peaceful.

Streets of New Orleans New Orleans Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Hunt Down Stolen Artifacts
    • I heard this is the place to go if you're looking for treasures from Egypt. You snake.
  • Pursue the Main Adventure in new Orleans
  • Defend against Pickpockets
  • Trade Secrets with Local Magicians

Tulane University New Orleans Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Sit with Steven as He Groans about the Humidity
    • Yes, Steven. It's hot. No, Steven. You'd never complain. Yes. It's hot.

[if on Dream of Family path]

  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • I think Dad lived in an empty classroom in Tulane for a couple of months when he was a kid.

[if on Dream of Felix path]

  • Daydream about Felix
    • I wonder how many costumes I can make the poor man try on while we're here...

[if on Dream of Nigel path]

  • Daydream about Nigel
    • There's something disturbingly right about having a man I can spend hours in a library with.

[if on Dream of Ahmose path]

  • Daydream about Ahmose
    • We really have to get your bandages looked at, Ahmose. The humidity's messing them up something fierce.

[if on Dream of Sterling path]

  • Daydream about Sterling
    • Oh, Lord. I want him, but he gives me such a headache.

[if on Dream of Roland path]

  • Daydream about Roland
    • I hope the next time I see him I don't have to worry that he's on the verge of death.

[from the start]

  • Contend with the Local Young Men
    • Look, I appreciate all these beads, but...
    • Keep back! I have too many crazy boys following me around as is! BACK!

Waterfront Hotel New Orleans Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Dance at the Waterfront Ballroom
    • Sorry, mister! I'll try to keep my elbows to myself next song!
  • Practice Dancing at the Waterfront Ballroom
    • Darn it, I always get this step wrong!
  • Sit in the Dining Room and Work on Crossword Puzzles

[If on Sterling's Route]

[from the start]

  • Help Classmates Get Home
    • It would be easier to outrace that cop if you weren't throwing up on my shoes.


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