Action Nigel

Dear Diary,

During class, Dr. Cyriac Pavier asked me if I would like to come round to his mansion. Apparently, he spent a good deal of time with my parents and had some things of theirs to return to me, as well as show me around.

I can't wait to go with him! I just need to grab my things and meet him in our Outback lab.

It wasn't long after Dr. Pavier took me back to his mansion that I noticed something was very off – he kept getting his own history wrong, and he barely knew his own house. He also seemed obsessed about getting me into the wine cellar.

I almost managed to give him the slip until dear Professor Hemsworth ran up in a panic to warn me that he was an imposter. Bit late, but I appreciated the attempt, even if it did get us both captured by the imposter's goons.

Eventually confessing that he wasn't really Dr. Pavier, the man claimed that he'd stolen his identity as revenge for… not tipping him at a café. And now, having had a taste of the rich life, he wanted to hold me for ransom, hence the whole 'lock Sadie in the wine cellar routine.'

Professor Hemsworth was there as well after his valiant attempt to save me.

Unfortunately, he'd found a way to capture Professor Hemsworth as well.

Of course, having the two of us together means we're twice as smart. Together, we were able to escape the wine cellar, slip off the property, and drive away. The fake Dr. Pavier and his thugs chased us, but between a seven car pile-up and a foot race through a marathon, we managed to give them the slip.

After all of that, we felt we owed ourselves a break to see Sydney properly! We'll report back to the police - and to the real Dr. Pavier at the university - soon.

Professor Hemsworth and I related the whole story to the real Dr. Pavier, who seemed... almost more entertained than horrified on our behalf. He's a character, that's for sure! I think I'll stick with my own Professor... not as rich and exciting, but definitely someone I want to have at my back.