Action Nigel

Dear Diary,

We were about to take off from the airfield near Cairo after our pyramid excavation when we discovered that all of the crates with the treasures had been switched somehow! We had to get to the bottom of this.

However, considering we didn't know what we would be up against, we felt it would be wise to prepare ourselves and meet back at the airfield again when we were ready.

Professor Hemsworth and I began our search for the stolen artifact crates at Khan el-Khalili. We got a tip that many thieves congregated in Tahrir Square to try and offload their merchandise to the museums.

Before rushing over, however, we decided to enjoy ourselves at the bazaar. It's a once in a lifetime chance, right? We can check out Tahrir Square near the museum later. First, there's shopping to be done!

At the museum, Professor Hemsworth and I did the sneaky thing until we found the truck which was carrying our missing artifact crates… meaning the crates were already in the museum! Applesauce! We snuck into the museum and were looking around when we realized we were being followed. We improvised and pretended to be stuffy, rich patrons.

That fooled them for all of about ten seconds, after which we were 'helpfully' deposited in the street. Perhaps we should come back to the museum later, when the shift has changed and the new guards won't recognize the crazy Americans trying desperately to appear snobbish...

Back at the museum, Professor Hemsworth and I decided to put on the rich snob act again to try and fool our way past the guards and find our artifacts.

Our performance was so wiltingly snobbish that the guard bought it immediately and led us to the curator's office to soothe our wounded pride at being left alone - scoff! shock! - on our tour! But while we were alone in there, looking at the ledgers, he burst back in, realizing he'd been had. I... feel slightly bad about the knock-out we gave him. But at least we found a map of the museum!

Avoiding the museum security via tour groups and other tricks, Professor Hemsworth and I continued looking for our missing artifacts. We made it to the offices up top and saw one of the thugs who'd driven off with our merchandise, but he gave us the slip. Luckily, Geoffrey Eason, the temporary curator, believed our story and let us use a secret passage back down to the warehouse. We were able to stop the thieves from driving off with our stuff and recover the artifacts at long last.

And man, after that, we deserved a break! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to look around the museum some more! We'll get this all back to the airfield when we're good and ready.

With our artifacts recovered, the students eager to go, and a hero's welcome waiting for us back at NYU, we stepped onto Felix's plane for the journey home. Professor Hemsworth and I really do make a good team... even if he does protest he likes things a bit more quiet than I do!