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Nigel is a major character in 1931, a grad student in the NYU Archaeology Department who teaches one of Sadie's classes.

Journal EntryEdit

Professor Nigel Hemsworth is the best teacher I have this year, dear journal. There's also something about him that reminds me of Buster Keaton - the baby face, the clumsiness that works out so well it has to be planned. I don't know.

He's the youngest professor the department has had in ages. Maybe ever. And, mathematically, it'll be hard to beat him, even with all the credits I earned in high school. Darn it.

But, anyway, he's brilliant, and he knows what it's like to be young and motivated. He doesn't have the kind of field experience I do, but Dad always said anyone can get experience. A good heart is harder to come by.

And that, Professor Hemsworth has in spades.

Dream Entry Edit

It's funny, but I can't stop thinking about Mom's old diaries.  They go all the way back to when she first met Dad (or, as she called him at the time, “that crazy man,” “the debauched refugee from the stagnant backwaters of Theosophy,” “the wild-eyed lunatic,” and “he of the well-formed calves”).  What stands out to me now are the parts where she finally admitted she was falling for him.

I cannot help but think it a sign of some higher favor that I have been placed before a man to whom I need not defend my interests, nor the ability of my womanly mind to pursue them.  Even were the dangerous edges of his character less appealing than they are – or, indeed, as unappealing as convention and common sense would argue that they ought to be – the fact that he regards me as a peer and an expert in our shared domain would be enough to make my heart swell.

Is it strange that I find that familiar?  I can talk to Nigel for hours about the history of Egyptian linen, and it's better than flirting with any boy I knew in high school.  And I think that being with me makes him happy as well.



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  • Nigel and Sterling have known each other for a long time. This can be seen through their witty reactions with one another and Nigel's willingness to let Sterling's shenanigans slide. They even have an unofficial 'prank war' going on between them. Nigel and Sterling's family's are old friends, so Nigel was Sterling's babysitter, which is how Nigel and Sterling met.

Dream of Nigel: Connection to the ProfessorEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Something New to Learn 1 4 Empathy 4 Poise 0
Simple Admiration 1 5 Awareness 10
Mutual Respect 2 4 Poise 3 Flirting 20
Interesting Archaeology Talk 3 5 Listen 4 Occult Lore 30
Companionship in the Tombs 4 7 Courage 5 Resolve 3 Perception 40
Loosening the Boy Up 5 7 Flirting 5 Moxie 5 Dream 50
Professional Coordination 6 7 Problem Solving 6 Resolve 6 Escape Artistry 5 Perception 60
Surprising Wit 7 7 Flirting 7 Poise 6 Listen 5 Courage 70
Conversations into the Night 8 7 Flirting 7 Language 7 Hope 8 Dream 80
Thrill of the Dig 9 9 Courage 7 Problem Solving 7 Occult Lore 6 Flirting 90
Happy Ending with Nigel 10 10 Hope 9 Resolve 9 Flirting 7 Self Knowledge 12 Dream 100

Relationship with Nigel: Friendship with the ProfessorEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Classroom Give and Take 1 4 Deduction 4 Diplomacy 0
On Alert 1 5 Perception 10
Diplomatic Entreaty 2 4 Diplomacy 4 Awareness 20
Extra Eyes in the Field 3 6 Perception 5 Deduction 30
Enthusiastic Talker 4 7 Cryptographer 5 Language 4 Listen 40
Handy Resource 5 7 Problem Solving 7 Language 5 Occult Lore 50
Courage in Impossible Moments 6 7 Courage 7 Resolve 1-15 Problem Solving 6 Relationship 60
Respect of a Peer 7 7 Poise 7 Resolve 7 Diplomacy 5 Flirting 70
Deep Conversation 8 7 Listen 7 Occult Lore 7 Flirting 9 Relationship 80
Efficient Collaboration 9 9 Problem Solving 7 Perception 7 Deduction 7 Cryptography 90
Professional Partnership 10 10 Resolve 8 Problem Solving 7 Diplomacy 5 Language 12 Relationship 100