In any case, I'm sure I'll have enough real adventures in Peru without having to make up imaginary ones!

Scheherazade peru

Peru with locations

The AndesPeru Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Get Lessons with the Andean Flute
    • I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like a wounded elk!
  • Groom Alpacas
  • Climb Higher
    • Wow. You don't know how much you like oxygen 'til it starts getting sparse.
  • Look for Potential Archaeological Sites
    • Could that be the remains of a terrace system over there?
  • Bird-Watch

Base Camp Peru Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Play with the Llamas
    • Who's the best little llama in camp? Who's the best little llama?
  • Discuss Literature with Classmates
    • Anna, you know I love you, but can we talk about an author other than Alexandre Dumas today?
  • Hang around the Camp with Felix
  • Hang around the Camp with Anna
    • No, I'm not going to play poker with you again, Anna. You'll have to print money in your basement like the rest of us!
  • Call Evelyn

Choquequirao Peru Inspiration CountryEdit

[from the start]

  • Examine Likely Sun-Worship Sites
  • Play Poker with the Dig Team
  • Check for Signs of Looters

[during break in Felix's Peruvian Adventure]

Conde de Lemos Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

[if on Ahmose's route]

[from the start]

  • Work on Travel Arrangements
  • Find Food
    • This is wonderful! If it was made from something I don't want to know about, don't tell me!

Cuzco Police Station Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Badger the Officers with Questions
    • What happened then? Did he get away? He didn't get away, did he?
  • Talk to Off-Duty Police Officers
    • Okay, say I was looking for someone to teach me how to use a machete…
  • Arm-Wrestle Bored Cops
    • Come on, man! You weigh twice as much as I do! Show some fight!
  • Practice Breaking out of Jail
    • No, please, confiscate my hairpins. Let's not make this too easy!
  • Ask about Confiscated Goods
    • How much traffic in antiquities do you see around here? Is it a big problem?

Grand Hotel Bolivar Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Repeatedly Beat Professor Hemsworth at Cards
  • Adventure with the Tellos
  • Practice Martial Arts with a Surprisingly Skilled Bellhop
    • Two falls out of three, Ernesto! I'm taking you down!

[if on Dream of Family path]

  • Consider the Keating Legacy
    • I really ought to go back to the museum - there's so much of Mom in that exhibit.

[if on Dream of Felix path]

  • Daydream about Felix
    • I ought to get out to the field and keep Felix company. He's all alone with the grad students out there...

[if on Dream of Nigel path]

  • Daydream about Nigel
    • Wow. I'm romantically involved with my sort of ex-professor. Ethically awkward, but... wow.

[if on Dream of Ahmose path]

  • Daydream about Ahmose
    • Kheper, I'm begging you. I don't care how romantic the music is, stop singing.

[if on Dream of Sterling path]

  • Daydream about Sterling
    • Oh, Lord. I want him, but he gives me such a headache.

[if on Dream of Roland path]

  • Daydream about Roland
    • Darn it, where's an international man of action when you need him? It's lonely here...

[from the start]

  • Rest for a Bit

Jungle Peru Adventure CountryEdit

[from the start]

[after 'Check in with Felix']

[from the start]

Landing Strip Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

[after 'Sterling: the Peruvian Adventure'] [THIS APPEARS TWICE]

[from the start]

  • Do Jumping Jacks

Layakakota Mines Peru Inspiration CountryEdit

[If on Sterling's route, after 'Sterling: the Peruvian Adventure' in Plaza Mayor]

[If 'Sterling: The Peruvian Adventure' has been beaten]

  • Look for Further Signs of Supernatural Entities
    • Any more ghosts in here? I want to hear your stories if there are!

[from the start]

  • Scout around the Area
  • Look for Gold
    • Gold? Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  • Dance in Puno
    • I love folk dancing - but somebody needs to tell me if I'm doing it right!

The National Museum Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Grovel for Access to Paracas Textiles
    • Hi, I'm Sadie Keating. Can I see some of the stuff my mother worked on?

[if on Ahmose's path]

[if on Nigel's path]

[if on Nigel's path, after 'Check in with the professor']

[from the start]

Nazca Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

[if 'Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure' has been beaten]

[from the start]

  • Serious Birdwatching

[if on Roland's path] [THIS MUST BE DONE TWICE]

[from the start]

  • Explore the Town

The Paracas Peru Inspiration CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Scope out the Cerro Colorado
    • Oh, I wish I'd been here in '27. Not like I learned anything in high school, anyway.
  • Swim in the Ocean

[If 'Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure' has been beaten]

[from the start]

  • Visit the Paracas Candelabra
    • I really have to remember to ask the Professor about Viracocha traditions.
  • Sketch la Cathedrale

Plaza Mayor Peru Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Sit and Take in the Scene
    • Green grass, amazing buildings. I can see why Mom loved it all.
  • Sketch the Archbishop's Palace

[If on Sterling's route]

[If on Sterling's route, after 'Deal with Sterling']

[If on 'Roland: The Peruvian Adventure' has been beaten]

  • Write a Thank You Note to Viktor
    • Dear Viktor, Though things went poorly in the end, I really must thank you for a lovely day.

Streets of Cuzco Peru Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Practice Spanish
    • Okay, now, what would you call a man who done you wrong?

[if on Dream of Roland path and have seen 'Take a Quiet Moment with Roland' twice]

[from the start]

  • Avoid Being Seen with Roland
  • Find Local Magicians
    • Sir, I salute you. That's some fine technique.
  • Play Futbol with Local Kids
    • Good grief! I've meet cheetahs that don't run as fast as you lot!

University of San Marcos Peru Adventure CityEdit

[from the start]

  • Track Down Mom's Spanish-Language Papers
  • Talk to Nigel about the University's Keating Collection
  • Fend off Peruvian Admirers
    • Look, Professor Hernandez, I'm very flattered, but please put your shirt back on.
  • Learn about Incan Talking Knots
    • Who can I talk to? Family traditions have persisted, surely!


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