It is always unwise to take one's eyes off of children.

Rashad is a nomad that Sadie originally meets in Egypt. He helps her on many occasions and if often the voice of reason that counteracts Sadie's brash demeanor.




Trivia Edit

  • Rashad used to play in the catacombs of Alexandria when he was 8
  • Rashad says that his mother is British, explaining his blonde hair (possibly a lie, see next bullet)
  • In The Main Adventure in Peru, Sadie meets a man who she says looks familiar to her. While it is not brought up that this man is Rashad, the file of the man in the caper is titled 'Rashad Peru Disguised', so it is most likely Rashad. It is ever explained why his hair is blonde in one and black in another, nor is it ever explained why he didn't just let Sadie know who he was. (It is possible that his blonde hair is dyed and he did not want Sadie to recognize him with black hair, or it is possible that the file is just named that).
  • The 'Rashad Peru Disguised' image is also used for the lost Greek of Cappadocia in Two Adventures Together
  • Rashad knows the Stranger and says that his family is supposed it protect the land that the Stranger led Sadie to.
  • Stranger knows about the riddle of The Library of Pergamum as he warns Sadie to keep Rüdeger away from apples. But, if the Stranger knows about it and he and Rashad know each other, Rashad probably knows about the riddle of The Library of Pergamum as well.

Gallery Edit

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