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It’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

Roland is one of the main characters of 1931, who (coincidentally, professionally and in all likelihood, personally) closely tracks the archaeological findings and globe-trotting escapades of the Keating family.

On the outside, Roland is quick to trust Sadie, accepting her judgement when their paths cross in Egypt though they hardly know each other. However, once his friend and colleague Bernard comes, Roland is quick to shut him up as he does not want to get Sadie involved in his dangerous affairs. Bernard comments on how Roland is trusting a civilian surprisingly easily, as he usually does not. This starts Sadie's and Roland's capers around the world and their interesting relationship.

Journal EntryEdit

Roland (Smith, if that's his real name) is a smirking, secretive Briton of a man. He's never been anything other than charming - and that's a quality that Aunt Evelyn has always warned me to be wary of in men. He's not a wolf; I'd know how to deal with that. He's... well, he's Roland.

But being Roland also seems to mean being brave, and caring about people, and having a sense of duty and courtesy that seems internally consistent, if occasionally hard to anticipate. I may occasionally feel uneasy trusting him, but so far he's never made me regret it.

I just wish it was easier to make him trust me.

Dream EntryEdit

Dear journal, Roland continues to baffle me.

No, not baffle. Let's be honest here - I'm scared for him. I've seen what his life demands of him, and even what it demands of the people around him. At the rate he's going, I'm not sure he's going to come out of the year in one piece, but it's not my place to tell him to stop.

I guess all I can do is try to help him through, and hope he'll do the same for me.


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  • Sadie originally 'meets' this mysterious young British man while he is ransacking her father's papers, though she only has a brief inkling of the connection when they meet in daylight later.
  • In The Underground, Roland goes by the name 'Rowan'.
  • Roland has a coworker named Rob from 'Department Z'. Department Z is Roland's R&D team in charge of designing new field equipment.
  • Roland often misplaces state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Bernard and Roland knew each other as children. Bernard says that they used to fight, "over drops of hokey pokey in a shared sundae" (Roland: The Indian Adventure) and he comments about how he knew him when he was 14.
  • Bernard calls Roland 'Ro'.
  • According to Roland, his father is a very influential baron.

Dream of Roland: Connection to the SpyEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Light in the Shadows 1 4 Hope 4 Courage 0
Never Quiet 1 5 Courage 10
Droll and Cultured 2 4 Poise 4 Flirting 20
Globe-Trotting Ways 3 5 Resolve 5 Dream 30
Seeing the Big Picture 4 6 Deduction 5 Awareness 3 Problem Solving 40
Whiff of Danger 5 7 Moxie 6 Courage 5 Deception 50
Always Seducing, Always Seduced 6 7 Flirting 7 Deception 5 Poise 3 Awareness 60
Steadfast at Useful Moments 7 7 Resolve 7 Courage 5 Poise 5 Problem Solving 70
The Greater Good 8 7 Resolve 7 Courage 6 Moxie 8 Dream 80
Adventurous Heart 9 9 Resolve 8 Flirting 7 Hope 7 Dodging 90
Happy Ending with Roland 10 10 Flirting 9 Resolve 8 Courage 7 Deception 12 Dream 100

Relationship with Roland: Friendship with the Mystery ManEdit

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Intrigue 1 4 Poise 4 Tolerance 0
Interesting Story 1 5 Deception 10
Smooth under Fire 2 4 Poise 4 Dodge 20
Stirred, not Shaken 3 7 Flirting 5 Deception 30
Clever Lies Are Fun 4 7 Awareness 5 Listen 3 Deception 40
Dangerous Dance 5 7 Flirting 6 Courage 5 Fisticuffs 50
Verbal Jousting 6 7 Flirting 7 Negotiations 5 Moxie 6 Relationship 60
The Art of Misleading 7 7 Deception 7 Moxie 7 Magic Tricks 5 Stealth 70
Two Steps Ahead 8 7 Courage 7 Moxie 7 Dodge 8 Relationship 80
English Steel 9 9 Resolve 7 Diplomacy 7 Courage 7 Fisticuffs 90
Partners in Shadows 10 10 Courage 8 Stealth 7 Deception 5 Cryptography 12 Relationship 100