The Main Adventure Edit

Australia: The Main Adventure Edit

  • Sadie: "Roland, Roland, Roland, we've had a sighting!"
    • Roland: "...And when she said his name THREE times, all her fondest wishes came true..."

Roland: The Main Adventure Edit

  • "O-oh! You meant... er, bangs in your hair! In Britain, that means--uh, never mind, Miss Sadie. Where is that waiter?!"~Roland to Sadie after she mentioned how she was in the mood for bangs (as in hair). (Peru)
  • "A cow? You thought I'd give you a COW as a farewell-forever present?...Let me buy you something else, then. Something on a proper store rack, that you can see before it's wrapped. Since you won't accept my Cow of Parting."~Roland to Sadie at Christmas

Roland: The Egyptian Adventure Edit

  • Sadie: "Wait, what if, what if something happens to you?"
    • Roland: "Then I want you to promise me one thing...Pull this rope up; really, really fast. Cheers then, love."

Roland: The Australian Adventure Edit

  • "(speaking into his lapel) Bernard, this is Roland. I'm tagging this reel from your portable movie-making camera for my private collection."~Roland getting a bit too much excitement over seeing Sadie pick a lock.

Roland: The Indian Adventure Edit

Roland: The Peruvian Adventure Edit

  • Sadie: "Did you know Sterling Evans was going to be out in the jungle?"
    • Roland: "No. Dare I hope he got shot? Wait. Some of the boys from your convoy told me about this, but I didn't... he (Sterling) was the gringo on the other side? The one that Viktor... Viktored?...This is the best day I've had in a very long time, Sadie."~Roland is glad that Sterling got punched.

Roland: The New Orleans Adventure Edit

Roland: The Turkish Adventure Edit

The Anna Adventure Edit

The Evelyn Adventure Edit

The Great Game Adventure Edit

  • Sadie: "I'm not a bloodhound, Roland."
    • Roland: "Oh no no. Of course not. Good girl." "He pats her on the head. She nonchalantly elbows him in the stomach."

The Book from the Low Countries Adventure Edit

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