1931 ends near Sadie's birthday, June 13th. What presents she gets and the notes that go along with the presents change based on what capers she did and what choices she made during those capers.

The presents take priority in the order listed. For example, if you beat The Anna Adventure and The Serpent Empire Adventure Part 1 in the same play through, you would get the stuffed pigeon.

The characters are listed in order of when their presents are opened. Only characters you have met will send a present.

Birthday Edit

Character Presents
Anna Wardenclyffe
Unsaid (implied to be Charles Lindbergh)
  • Signed photo of Charles Lindbergh (Beat game on Normal difficulty)
Felix Weber
  • Handmade necklace
  • Scarab charm
Nigel Hemsworth
  • Tons of books
Sterling Evans
  • Hand-drawn sketch of Sadie 'done in watercolor pencil, posed hovering over an artifact with a sweet frown of concentration on her face'
Roland Smith
  • Alabaster ankh
Steven Deveny
Johnny McMurray
  • Letter written in crayon
  • Goat carved from sandstone
Geoffrey Eason
Elizabeth Eora
  • Aboriginal totem shaped like a turtle
Cyriac Pavier
  • Aboriginal clay image of a kangaroo
Lillian Armfield
  • Card with newspaper clipping of Sadie's Australian adventures
Chandran 'Raj' Patel
Claudia Tello
Felicie Mirepoix
  • Dagger with black hilt
Zul al Zan
  • Scimitar
Lorelei Krause
  • Book dedicated to the Pergamon museum in Berlin
Unnamed Black Rose Cultist
Arun Kadam al-Khafir
Evelyn Fraser-Hyde
  • Charm bracelet with charms from places Sadie has been, 'little golden pyramids and mummy cases, kangaroos and aboriginal totems, the Taj Mahal and tigers, Inca idols and guitars, bayou boats and trombones, Hellenic columns and Turkish shoes'
Unnamed Sender
  • Crystal shard from something spherical
  • Fireworks start booming outside (Beat game on Hard mode)

Trivia Edit

  • The final Unnamed Sender is implied to be Ruddy. The gift is implied to be a piece of the apple from The Library of Pergamum. To support this, if the game is beaten on Hard mode, fireworks start booming outside and Evelyn says, "if you'd tried your best and gotten all As your first year, Ruddy always said he'd do something like this for you".