Character Information

If you look back on your life and the words that leap to mind are ‘alone,’ ‘tired’ and ‘frail,’ maybe you’ve been cheating yourself of the things really worth living for.

This is our heroine, the shining star around whom all the events of 1931 revolve.

Journal EntryEdit

Well, journal, things are changing. Oh, I'm still the wandering star of the archaeology class, I'm still running around the world. I hope I'm still doing work that would make Mom and Dad proud.

What's different now is that I feel like maybe Mom and Dad would have been proud anyway. Maybe there's more to life than judging myself by what they did. They're still inspirational, and if they're out there I'll find them, but maybe it's okay to let go. Just a little.

Or maybe that's just the way I'm feeling for a guy making me crazy. I'm not sure I can tell the difference anymore.

Maybe that's okay too.

Dream EntryEdit

Well, hello, journal. I'm Scheherazade Keating, and I'll be your writer today! Call me Sadie.

I'm a freshman at NYU this year, studying archaeology. I have some good professors, and I love the subject, but there's this odd sense of déjà vu. Even ten years after my parents left it's strange to be around the department without them. One of my classes is in Mom's old lecture hall, and Aunt Evelyn 's pretty sure Dad actually punched Professor Blake in the face once, before I was even born. That should do wonders for my grade in his class.

Still, I wouldn't do this any other way. I'm Henry and Morgana Keating's daughter. If I'm going to learn from their examples, I might as well start where they started.

I'm still living with Aunt Evelyn while I'm in New York. She hates it when I travel, so I figure I might as well try to make her happy in the times I'm here. If she hadn't been here for me when I was a kid, I don't think I'd be any kind of human being now. Besides, if I left her alone, she would probably turn the place into a speakeasy, and that would make the butler sad.

More soon! For now, I've got to get ready for the next trip!

Trivia Edit

  • Sadie's birthday is June 14, 1912
  • In The Underground, Sadie goes by the name Gwen Dale (a name given to her by Roland)
  • 1931 ends near Sadie's Birthday. She gets different presents and notes based on what capers she's done and what choices she's made.

Dream of Family: Devotion to ParentsEdit

This is the default track for Sadie's Dream attribute. It is increased by successfully passing Obstacles in certain scripted events in New York, and Capers marked 'Pursue the Main Adventure' in each additional Map location.

If Sadie pursues a romantic path with one of the Main Characters, her Dream score is reset to zero and only passing Obstacles in the specific guy's path will increase it.

Inspiration Name General Boost Primary Skill Boost Skill Boost 2 Skill Boost 3 Skill Boost 4 Type Boost Required Primary Skill Level
Faded Memories 1 4 Resolve 4 Hope 0
Mother's Lullaby 1 5 Dream 10
Hard Work Pays 2 4 Resolve 4 Self Knowledge 20
Childhood Games 3 6 Flirting 5 Moxie 30
Archaeologist from Early Days 4 7 Resolve 5 Deduction 4 Occult Lore 40
Old Scars Itch 5 7 Courage 5 Self Knowledge 5 Problem Solving 50
High School Flashback 6 7 Conscience 6 Resolve 5 Tolerance 3 Self Knowledge 60
All According to Plan 7 7 Resolve 6 Patience 5 Moxie 4 Hope 70
Special Training 8 1-25 Courage 7 Problem Solving 7 Deduction 5 Magic Tricks 80
The Keating Luck 14 9 Problem Solving 7 Hope 1-20 Poise 90
View of the Future 10 10 resolve 9 Hope 7 Patience 5 Self Knowledge 15 Dream 100