Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it! Professor Hemsworth may have actually found a genuine lead on the lost treasure of Ponce de Leon! Apparently, some Spanish gold coins were found in the belly of an alligator from a New Orleans swamp. Now Professor Hemsworth, Steven and myself are on the trail. I'm so excited, I can almost forgive Steven for puking on my new shoes.

Today, Steven, Professor Hemsworth and I met with Jean Paul, our contact for the Spanish treasure expedition. He heard some rumors about a nasty alligator that might be the mate of the one who swallowed those coins. I wanted to hear more, but... I couldn't shake the feeling someone was watching us.

Unfortunately, what with all the heat and spicy food, I couldn't think straight, and I didn't get a glimpse of who was spying on us. Maybe I should come back to Chartres Street and look around later, when my head's a bit clearer?

I went back to the restaurant to talk with Nigel, Steven and Jean Paul about our expedition plans, and this time I caught a much better glimpse of who was watching us.


Turns out the gentleman spying on us was actually a genuine pirate! He's after the treasure too, naturally. Thanks to some quick thinking - from yours truly, I admit - we were able to capture him in our hotel suite. Unfortunately, his men had gotten to Jean Paul already, so we have to make a choice; surrender to the pirates in Pontchartrain, or leave Jean Paul to his fate.

Nigel, Steven, Jean Paul and myself soon found ourselves prisoners on board the Main Noire. Of course, that lasted for roughly thirty seconds before we escaped and found our own boat to commandeer. While we were there, we figured we may as well look for the treasure, and sure enough, we found it... along with a very angry mother alligator using it as a nest! Between a large and in-charge gator and the cannons on the pirate ship, the treasure chest dislodged and began sinking along with all the eggs... but I couldn't let that happen! Maybe it was silly to save the eggs instead of the treasure, but I like to think the gator appreciated it... or, at least, appreciated it enough to go after the pirates and not us!