Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary: Something exciting happened today... not to me, but to Anna. She got a love letter! It was sent anonymously, but poor Anna keeps floating between giddiness and terror. The note itself was actually sort of interesting; besides the usual schmoopy stuff, it had a cipher that translated out to 'Angel's Hand in the Fountain at the Center of our New World,' which we figured out referred to Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. The angel statue was holding a little box, and a certain intrepid young archaeology student was hoodwinked into climbing said statue and braving wet fountain water and bird droppings to retrieve it. The box had another clue, this time mentioning the mirrored world, the little Emperor, and the Champs Street. Sounds like Paris, but... I have a hunch we might find something relevant at Grand Central Station.

In the quest to discover who Anna's secret admirer is, we followed the clue on the last letter and visited the Museum of International Collections, which was nicknamed the Realm of the Mirrored Worlds. We found an exhibit on Paris with a statue of Napoleon, and sure enough, in his hand was the next letter! This one directed us to T-square in Whitehall, which Anna was immediately able to decipher as Trafalgar Square, in the same museum complex near Grand Central Station. I swear I must be rubbing off on her...

Still on the trail of Anna's puzzle-obsessed admirer, we visited a different wing of the museum, the replica of Trafalgar Square. Along with the famous column, we also noticed the lions, particularly one of them which had something stuffed in its mouth. I fished it out, but before we could get a proper look at it, who showed up but Roland, of all people? I suppose it would make sense for him to be in the British exhibit. Everything was going nicely until he noticed that we'd brought some bird feed with us to feed the pigeons they brought in from Britain, and... he blanched. There's no other word for it. Went completely white as a ghost. Then he told us to run, and before we knew what was going on, we were being mobbed by approximately fifty million pigeons. Apparently British pigeons take no prisoners! Thanks to some quick thinking from Roland, we took shelter in the souvenir shop, then battled our way through the birds to get to the one thing British pigeons fear: a red double-decker bus. Still, it was all worth it to get Anna her message... a paper rose with a date, place and time to meet written inside. I'm so happy for her! When the time comes, I want to drop her off in Central Park to meet with him... I can either cheer her from the sidelines or help her with a daring escape plan!

Well, that was a (near) disaster! It turns out that Anna's secret admirer wasn't actually admiring Anna at all. Her father had actually meant the letter to go to Anna's mother as part of a special anniversary surprise. Of course, Anna ended up ruining the surprise by getting the first letter and following the trail instead of her mother. But luckily, Anna has great friends like me and Felix around to help! After grabbing Anna's father, we took a small plane ride to the other side of town, which was very pleasant if you don't count the turbulence, Anna's father vomiting and Felix getting knocked out. Once we got one parent to the museum, we had to find the other, which turned out to be as simple as waving around an expensive bit of clothing for Anna's mother to snap up. In the end, we were able to unite mother and father for a lovely romantic dinner in the Egyptian exhibit. Perhaps I should give more thought to a career as a professional Cupid!