Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, what a production... literally! Professor Hemsworth is working as a historical consultant on the latest Drake Darling movie, Mummy Takes Manhattan, and he invited Anna and myself to visit the set. We'd only been there five minutes before we overheard some rather sinister-sounding men plotting something in the wardrobe room... but before we could find out who they were, someone vandalized the set and left an Anubis mask with a warning carved inside. Anna thought it was a mummy's curse, while I thought... well, I thought I'd better try and get some prints off the wardrobe door and the mask.

Unfortunately, fingerprint dusting is a lot different than archaeological dusting. I came up with nothing. Maybe I could come back to Brooklyn later once I've had a chance to improve my dusting skills.

I went back to the Bowery Ballroom to have another crack at dusting for prints and find out who's behind all the on-set shenanigans.

I was able to get the prints off the wardrobe door, but before I could compare them to the samples I got from the film crew, someone kidnapped Anna!

I was so worried about Anna that it took me a little while to connect the dots... but it seems like the kidnapper stole a few of the sample fingerprints as well as Anna. Whoever did this doesn't want to be identified! It gave me an idea, though, and I took Professor Hemsworth into the wardrobe room to do a little investigation... and sure enough, we found a trunk full of Anubis masks with warnings carved inside of them.

Between Nigel and myself, we were able to set up a trap in the wardrobe room which caught the guy red-handed. I'm sure I won't get in any trouble over the messy avalanche I caused, right?

Out with the fingerprint dusting stuff again! This time, though, we knew for a fact that we had the right prints... and when we demanded to compare them to the entire cast and crew's, the real culprit bolted. Luckily, we stopped him before he could get away.

Anna was released safely, and all was well... mostly. I don't think Anna will ever recover from the shock of hearing that the criminal behind it all was none other than her beloved Drake Darling.