Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Now I know what a prison feels like, if a prison involved a polite English butler hovering over you and asking if you'd like tea! Aunt Evelyn has got it in her head that I need a chaperone, so she ordered Bigglesworth to watch over me... CONSTANTLY. It was so distracting that I couldn't get any work on my papers done. In the end, I escaped out the window to get away from it. Now to meet Anna in Central Park!

I met with Anna in Central Park to get some help writing my paper on Mary of Scots. It was nice to get out of the house and away from Bigglesworth for five minutes! Anyway, we got to talking about Mary of Scots, the Spanish Armada and Elizabeth, and I remembered that there was something in the papers recently about Elizabeth I's diary being discovered in a reliquary hole... maybe it could help with my project. Unfortunately, that newspaper was back home, where Bigglesworth was waiting. We snuck back and I sent poor Anna in to bear the horrible brunt of polite helpfulness so she could get the newspaper. Sorry, Anna!

As befits a stealthy spy mission like this, I called Anna over the wireless radio to confirm she got the clipping... just as Bigglesworth came into the room. Our cover blown, we made a run for it only to be confounded by Bigglesworth's powers of teleportation (I still don't know what Bigglesworth did before Dad brought him back from London, but I don't rule out wizardry). He dragged me back to the apartment to take a call from Aunt Evelyn, who finally agreed to tell Bigglesworth to stop hovering if I would stay at home all day. My word, you'd think she expected me to be in mortal danger every time I left the house!

Now that we had some room to breathe, we checked out the newspaper article on Elizabeth I's diary. Apparently she made some reference to her English sailors looting some Moorish treasure from one of the Spanish galleons in the armada... which is odd, as Anna pointed out, as you'd think a war ship would have better things to carry around than a load of Islamic treasure. We were in the middle of digging out some of the Moorish history books from the library when I accidentally brought down a load of heavy, first edition books. One of them knocked me out for a while, and when I came to, Bigglesworth and Anna were taking care of me... then Aunt Evelyn walked in the door.

I thought the gig was up, that Aunt Evelyn would find out I knocked myself out, that Bigglesworth would be ordered to chaperone me to the grave, and that I'd never get this darned paper on Elizabeth, Mary of Scots and the Spanish Armada done! But Bigglesworth surprised me by covering for me, and Aunt Evelyn surprised me too... by giving me an amazing book on Elizabeth I and the Armada. This paper is going to be better than I thought.