Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary: I was taking some time to enjoy the sunshine around Central Station in Sydney when I noticed a homeless man limping along and looking somewhat distressed. I couldn't just leave him, so I went up to him and asked if there was anything I could do. He said no, but I still convinced him to let me take him to the hospital and get his leg treated. I wanted to take him to a church or other shelter, but he kept refusing, so in the end, I tried to settle for getting him something to eat. Even that didn't work out well, as he was gone by the time I came out from the restaurant... and he'd left a trail of blood. It was getting dark, but I couldn't help myself; I had to look for him. Unfortunately, looking got me in a world of trouble when some thug tried to rob me.

Luckily, Sergeant Armfield - or Lillian, I should say - was there to save me. And by save, I mean temporarily distract the mugger so I could knock him out with the good old brick-in-the-purse routine.

Luckily, a policewoman called Sargeant Armfield - or Lillian as she preferred me to call her - happened along to save me. And by save, I mean temporarily distract the mugger so I could knock him out with the good old brick-in-the-purse routine.

I decided to call it a night, but Lillian gave me her card, so perhaps I should call her tomorrow... maybe we can search around Central Station and find where that poor homeless guy went.

I was still worried about that poor bum I met earlier, so I gave Lillian a call. She didn't seem to think anyone at the station would be worried about a homeless person unless I had some proof, so I decided to go and find some. Lillian also showed up to help. We followed the blood trail from before, which led us to a rather messy alleyway, at least as far as alleys go! But there was something... off about it. I took a close look around and tried to figure it out.

Unfortunately, I think I looked a little too close. I got a bit whiff of... something, and it made me dizzy. Lillian suggested we take a break and come back to the Central Station area later.

Once I got my head in order, I decided to go back to that alleyway with Lillian and try to find out what happened to that poor homeless man. Surely I'd be able to find some clue if I looked closely enough?

At last, I noticed that there was something wedged in the alley garbage, a small item wrapped in leather. The leather looked and smelled like it had come from the homeless man's coat, but it was wrapped around a piece of Aboriginal art. Curiouser and curiouser! We decided to ask a university expert, Dr. Pavier, about the piece in the hope that he could figure out what it was and why the man had it. Unfortunately, Dr. Pavier is pretty hard to keep up with, and we had to try following him in a hallway teeming with undergrads.

Unfortunately, he got away from us... this time. We'll have to return to the university and try again later... once we've had a rest.

Lillian and I were back at the university, trying to flag down Pavier again. How does he always end up with so many students milling around him?

We finally made it to Pavier's office in time to see him cool and crisp as a cucumber and wondering what took us so long. Rather irritating, but he soon got serious when I showed him the piece we'd found. Apparently a friend of his had his Aboriginal collection stolen a year ago, and this was one of the figures. But how did it end up wrapped in a homeless man's coat and stuffed in an alley? Guess I'll have to head back to the station if I want any answers about this.

After dropping by the station to speak with Lillian, I decided to try one more time to find the bum with the injured leg. Despite Lillian's fears for my safety, I went back to the park, sat down and waited... and sure enough, there he was! I helped get him to a nearby mission where at least he'd be cared for and fed. He told me that he'd gotten in a fight with some punks and that he'd found the Aboriginal piece in a dumpster in a park filled with 'foxy glove' flowers. Lillian pointed me in the direction of a foxglove display, and sure enough, I found tons of Aboriginal pieces left in a dumpster. Turns out the thieves had shifted the pieces there for temporary safekeeping but then got themselves arrested. Glad to see things returned to their proper owners!