Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Well well, I wasn't expecting the cops to show up during Aunt Evelyn's party! They came to arrest Bill Dwyer, a cousin of Anna's and an ex-bootlegger to, uh, boot. Now poor Anna's running all over town to try and help him. Maybe after class, she and I can head to Brooklyn together and see what we can do.

Anna and I visited the station to check on her cousin, Bill Dwyer... turns out he already left! All we know is that he was muttering something about giants in the newspaper...

Unfortunately, we read every page and looked at every photo, and all we got was a headache. Maybe we can check the newsstands again next time we're in Brooklyn.

Poor Anna's cousin, Bill Dwyer, was still missing, so I suggested we take another look at the papers from when he was released. After all, there had to be something in them, right?

Turned out all that talk about 'giants' in the paper was actually about the Giants football team. We found out from the sports pages that they play at Ebbets Field, so we headed over to see if we could find Anna's wayward cousin.

At Ebbetts Field, it was tough keeping Anna's eyes on the crowds and not on the players! Still no sign of Dwyer, but we did find that one of the offices had been robbed. Unfortunately, the cops were convinced Dwyer's behind it. Only thing we can do now is find the real culprits and clear his name.

The good news? We finally found Dwyer. The bad news? Turns out a crooked cop called Brown is hell-bent on taking him down. Worse still, Dwyer lost an heirloom ring, and if the police found it, they could use it to frame him for the robbery! While Dwyer told his side of the story to a reporter, I looked for the missing ring.

Unfortunately, finding a tiny ring in a giant stadium is a little bit easier said than done. I'm going to have to come back to Brooklyn later and look with fresh eyes.

Anna and I returned to Ebbets Field to try and find Dwyer's ring.

It took a little bit of dramatic acting and nimble fingers, but I found Dwyer's ring at last. That meant the cops had nothing to frame him with, and his own story was already on its way to the presses. Unfortunately, we still needed to get him out of the building... that's when we saw all those nice, spacious trash cans lying around.

Unfortunately, getting the can OUT of Ebbets Field was a bit harder than we expected. Hope he doesn't mind sitting there for a while!

Anna and I headed back to Ebbets Field to rescue Dwyer from his trashcan prison. I'm sure he won't have suffered any lasting trauma in the meantime!

And we did get him out in the end, which was all that mattered. That, and the greatest sport on earth!