Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Just when you thought it was safe to stay in the house... it's time for another high class shindig for Aunt Evelyn to gush over. This time it's a costume ball with the theme of farmers and farm country. Is it just me, or is it a little awkward to have this big expensive balls and parties with quaint little 'farmer' costumes when so many people are poor or starving? Either way, Aunt Evelyn didn't seem to mind, and she dragged me along to enjoy or endure it with her. Luckily, Anna was there, and she explained that they were going to have a city-wide scavenger hunt... which I had to admit sounded pretty fun!

The next leg of the scavenger hunt seemed relatively simple at first glance: get a fake jade dragon from Chinatown. Leave it to me and my auntie to walk into a souvenir shop owned by the Triads! They took issue with us whisking away their fake dragon for some reason and challenged us to a match of 'Go' to win it and go free. But leave it to Aunt Evelyn to surprise me with her hidden depths... turns out she's a mad fiend at 'Go.' She so thoroughly trounced the Triads that they were almost bowing in respect by the time we left. Good old auntie! Our next task was to retrieve the headcloth of an Arab sheikh, and Aunt Evelyn seemed to think we'd find one at a political function being held at one of the hotels near her apartment. Maybe we should head there next?

Still hot on the pursuit of the scavenger hunt from the costume ball, Aunt Evelyn and I dragged her escort, Phileas, to the political function being held at a nearby hotel. We were on the lookout for a sheikh with a headcloth, but we ended up running into Roland instead. Luckily, Roland knew a sheikh who might help us, but first we had to pick him out of the crowd.

Unfortunately, there were way too many people in the crowds for us to pick out a single man, so we decided to leave it for now and come back later, when things calm down. It's not far from Aunt Evelyn's apartment anyway.

Auntie Evelyn was eager to get back on the scavenger hunt, but we still needed to find that sheikh's headdress. The crowds at the hotel party were a bit thinner, so we tried to pick out the man Roland told us about.

We found the sheikh Roland mentioned, and sure enough, he was very charming and helpful... once he stopped laughing when we told him about the scavenger hunt, he was more than happy to give us his headcloth. There was a brief burst of excitement when we suddenly heard gunfire and thought someone was trying to attack us for the cloth, but it turns out it was just a rather... excitable young boy with firecrackers. Dear me, what ever happened to bicycles and books keeping kids entertained?

We returned to Aunt Evelyn's apartment to take stock of our somewhat ill-gotten gains. She was in quite an eager mood, too... demanding Phileas look into Bahrain investment, getting a British-bred horse, and asking for a fake mustache. What does she have planned? I guess I'll have to come back and see later once she's all ready to go.

The final night of the costume ball arrived, and as usual, Evelyn was in a state getting dressed, fishing out earrings, trying to get escorts managed for me and herself (I can't believe she left that until the last minute!) After all this rigmarole, I was ready to just get the prize for the scavenger hunt and go... until I found the prize was the privilege of hosting the NEXT costume ball. Stop the world, I want to get off...