Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

So apparently this current dig is being financed by the Indian film industry, of all things… our backers are the producers of the first Indian talking picture. Before setting me loose to enjoy the city, Professor Hemsworth asked that I attend the film's opening that night at six.

This sounds like it's going to be a pretty full day! Perhaps I should go have a nap first before I check out the markets and gardens and whatnot.

After a quick nap, I decided to go and enjoy myself before attending the premiere of that Indian talking movie at six.

Wandering the streets, I bumped into a cheerful melon vendor and an interesting contest involving racing birds. One of the bird trainers and his bird, Achal, were pretty insistent on winning me over.

I was tempted to bet, but first, a snack! I think I can find the race again in the market…

I came back to the Bombay bird race just in time to place a bet.

My bet came to nothing, and I was just figuring out what to do now that I'd spent most of my money when I bumped into Dr. Patel. After saving his wristwatch from Achal the Avaricious, he offered to treat me to a glass of papaya juice.

I appreciated the thought, but Dr. Patel can be pretty tough going sometimes… perhaps I should take a break before taking him up on that offer?

I went back and took Dr. Patel up on his offer of a cool drink.

While we relaxed in a café, Dr. Patel started ranting about the new 'talkie' that was opening that night; as a moonlighting film director, he considered it a disaster to add voice to the picture. He was so passionate about it that he talked for hours… until I was late for the premiere! I had to rush, and Dr. Patel's directions were no help at all!

Seeing that the directions weren't helping, Dr. Patel suggested an alternate route, i.e. running over the rooftops. I made it to the theatre only to find things were going even worse than I'd imagined.

After somehow managing to navigate the city in spite of Dr. Patel's directions, I made it to the theatre only to find things were going even worse than I'd imagined.

Trying to follow the directions got me totally lost; I'll have to see if I can make it on my own. Ugh, I'm going to be so late!

After ignoring Dr. Patel's directions and finding my own way, I made it to the theatre only to find things were going even worse than I'd imagined.

The film reel for the movie was missing… apparently the director was still holding onto it for 'artistic' reasons. Turns out that director was none other than Dr. Patel! He'd been carrying the film around in his briefcase and thrown the key up on the rooftops. Luckily, with the help of a clever racing sparrow named Achal – with a helpful melon vendor's fruit to bribe him – the day was saved. The movie was a smash success – I think Dr. Patel may be an even better director than an archaeologist! – and our expedition is secure and funded. That's what I call a happy ending!