Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, it's always the way... just when I finally got some peace and quiet so I can do some research, I was approached by a small boy who says a British gentleman wants to have a word with me. Wait, British gentleman?

Unfortunately, I had better things to do. If this man wants to speak with me, he can come to the library and talk to me here. I'm not dropping my research to go chasing all over the Bombay streets!

I came back to the library and found that the boy who asked me to come with him was gone. I thought, 'Great, no distractions!' Me and my big mouth...

I was a little curious, but unfortunately I couldn't put off my research. I told the child to come back again later. I just don't have enough time to go on excursions through the streets of Bombay right now.

I came back to the library and found that the boy who asked me to come with him was gone. I thought, 'Great, no distractions!' Me and my big mouth...

I followed the child to a small green house, inhabited by none other than Your Friendly Neighborhood Spymaster, Roland.

Sure enough, after ten minutes, the door opens and Roland walks in. Turns out he's the one who sent the boy, and as I had nothing better to do - other than, you know, work - I went with him to the house he was renting to find out what he wanted.

Roland told me he had a lead on the ancestral jewels of the Tippoo Sultan. Apparently his contact, Salim, had shown him a jeweled dagger from the treasure trove, and Roland needed an archaeologist to confirm whether it was real. So guess who he decided to call? He wanted me to come with him to a party put on by the German Mercantile Association and meet his contact there.

To be honest, it sounded like a fun evening, and I'd like to go. But I thought it would be good to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the town first, and Roland agreed. He said that when I was ready to go, he'd meet me out in the streets of Bombay and drive me to the party.

Roland and I went to the German Mercantile Association party later in the evening. We soon ended up mixing business with pleasure thanks to Roland's line of work; while he sweet-talked a potential Russian defector into letting him decode some secret messages, he set me on to a man named Stravinsky to feel out whether he was a spy (not to give away the ending, but he was). After that, we met with Salim who showed us the dagger; it was genuine, so we got the map off of him and set off to find the rest of the treasure.

Our hunt took us to a graveyard, and after snooping around a bit, we found a secret crypt. Unfortunately, we also found that Stravinsky and Salim had set us up; they held me hostage in return for Roland's codebook. They tried to lock us in the crypt, but luckily we were able to slip out, foil Stravinsky's escape and grab the codebook back. After a crazy chase over the rooftops, we took refuge onboard a couples' cruise, but they followed us onboard. In desperation, I threw the 'codebook' over the side, forcing them to give up the chase and leave us alone... too bad it was just the wine menu! Roland was quite impressed. I think I'm getting the hang of this!