Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

I went to the library today to meet with an old friend of my father's, Professor Ramazan Kurt. When I found him, he was poring over some old blueprints of the library itself. Apparently it was originally designed by this crazy Beaux-Arts fan named John Caruso. Professor Kurt noticed that there was a discrepancy on the blueprints... an area where there should have been rooms or stacks and there just... wasn't. He thought that Caruso might have dabbled in some sort of secret passageway, so we went into the basement to look for clues.

Unfortunately, while I'm pretty good at finding secret tunnels and walls in ancient tombs, I'm absolutely horrible at doing it with a modern building. I'll have to come back to the library later and try again.

I went back to the library to meet with Ramazan Kurt again. This time, we were going to find out the secret behind the library basement.

The secret turned out to be a hidden chamber beneath the library... complete with a beautiful Beaux-Arts map of New York and a few real live lions to liven things up! (haha, alliteration!) We also found that John Caruso was still alive and had become 'the Architect.' We never actually saw him, but he ranted and raved about the city and Beaux-Arts and his design until he finally followed us up from beneath and saw the city for the first time. He was so... horrified, I guess, that he returned to his secret basement. Professor Kurt said he would look after him, though. Not quite a happy ending, but who knows what the future might bring?