Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Felix went off on a grand adventure to record local folk music in Louisiana, but he'd been missing for a while. When Anna and I tried to follow him, our car broke down when I… accidentally crashed it. Whoops. We were picked up by a couple of jazz musicians, Left-Eye and Gus, who took us to Brackettville, where Felix was last known to be; they warned us that the locals were a little… private and that there were also some Swamp Folk to be wary of. The town seemed almost deserted.

We tried knocking door to door and came across some strange witches.

They were very cryptic, but they gave us a love charm and pointed us in the direction of some place called The Goat's Hoof.

They refused to answer our questions, but they did hint that we might have better luck coming back later. Maybe we should drop by the Bayou again and see if they're ready to talk.

Anna and I returned to Brackettville in search of Felix. This time, we were going to get those strange witches to come clean about Felix!

We wandered the streets to try and find someone who might knew what happened to Felix. The desertion was eerie, but we did notice someone out of the corner of our eye.

We found it was a man who had seen Felix. The last time he saw him was going up the hill to the Goat's Hoof, a music joint with a new guitar player. Before we could go, however, a passing group of women thrust a protective charm into our hands.

We didn't catch whoever it was, but we heard music coming from up the hill. We decided to check it out.

It seemed like everyone in the town was there, watching a show… and my goodness, what a show! The man's voice was like smoke and molasses. His name was Quickfinger Jack, and he'd seen Felix. Unfortunately, he'd also sent him on a wild goose chase out in the bayou for the 'crossroads', the folk story about the place where demons, devils or other spirits can cross over and give mortals gifts. I didn't believe in it, but it sounded like the townfolk did, and they weren't about to let me, Anna or Jack go searching peacefully; Left-Eye and the others blocked our way to the boats.

Somehow, we managed to plow through the crowd and make it onto the boats.

I was able to talk them down somehow, and we got on the boat.

Talking to them didn't seem to do anything, so in the end we gave up and retreated. Anna and I will have to come back to the Bayou again to see if we can get through and save Felix.

Felix was still missing, so Anna and I returned to Brackettville and teamed up with Quickfinger Jack again to try and get by the townfolk and onto the boats.

We took the boats out into the swamp and made it to the crossroads where Jack claimed to have played and met 'the Gentleman'. Apart from some liquor bottles and mounds of earth, there weren't any clues, so I decided to go for broke and try playing a tune on the guitar like in the old folk tales.

Unfortunately playing the guitar is not my strong suit. Perhaps I should practice before I come out to the bayou again?

It was still a long shot to find Felix, but Quickfinger Jack, Anna and I returned to the bayou to play for the Gentleman at the crossroads.

Nothing seemed to happen, so we split up… and I immediately got jumped by the Gentleman, who started taunting me and changing shapes to find out what drives me.

Before disappearing, he warned me and the others to duck.

But we soon had bigger things to worry about… the rumors of so-called Swamp Folk turned out to be a front for some bootleggers who were paying the locals to keep people like us away. They took us captive and slung us together with Felix, who'd also been caught. Luckily, we were savvy enough to slip out of our bonds and escape into the bayou. I guess everything worked out great… despite a certain strange gentleman's appearance.