Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

I was supposed to be attending a lecture by Dr. Julio Tello on the Chavin de Huantar ruins along with his niece, Claudia. Dr. Tello, however, was extremely late, so we went to check on him… only to discover that his room had been ransacked and he was missing. While we were trying to figure out what had happened, we received a telephone call with ransom demands: Claudia's uncle in return for his notes on Chavin de Huantar. We went to the plaza where the handoff was supposed to occur, but just as we were about to meet the man sent to make the trade and get to the bottom of all this, a random donkey-drawn tamales cart spooked him and scared him away. No hot and tasty Peruvian treat is worth Dr. Tello's life! I'd better return to the hotel later and see if there's any further info from the kidnappers.

I returned to the hotel to help console Claudia after her uncle's kidnapping when we had an unexpected visitor: Owney Madden of the Underground. Yes, because a high-up member of the largest smuggling and criminal organization this end of town is clearly innocent and only wants to help!

I returned to the hotel to help console Claudia after her uncle's kidnapping when we had an unexpected visitor, a man called Owney Madden. He claimed to know Roland – under his code name, Rowan – but I distrusted him the moment I laid eyes on him.

With our new 'helper' keeping an eye on us, we went through Dr. Tello's notes and found something about a monument he found and named the Tello Obelisk, which had a map of the Chavin de Huantar ruins carved on the side as part of the decoration. Perhaps that map was what the kidnappers were looking for? While we were still piecing things together, a letter arrived from the kidnappers with a photo of Claudia's uncle… and a demand to deliver all of his notebooks to the Tello Obelisk. We need to get to the landing strip right away so we can head out to stop these men.

Owney, Claudia and I made our way by car to the ruins of Chavin de Huantar to find Dr. Tello and uncover what the kidnappers were really after. Owney guided us to the Tello Obelisk – or, at least, where it used to stand before it was placed in the museum – and we saw Dr. Tello tied up and under the power of a thug. While we negotiated for the release of Claudia's uncle, Owney slipped away, but I used the first opportunity to tackle the goon, grab Dr. Tello and yell at Claudia to run. But as Dr. Tello and I attempted to escape, we heard Claudia scream… in fury. Apparently Owney was part of the kidnapping all along and was trying to restrain her… and failing rather amusingly. We knocked him out and ran through the maze of ruins… only to stumble across a chest full of ancient, priceless jewelry. No wonder they wanted Dr. Tello's notes! Now, if Claudia and I can just convince him to give us a few pieces of our own…