Action Sadie Adventure

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, what a day! I just kept bouncing from crisis to crisis. First Auntie Evelyn's roof caved in, then I found a medallion in the rubble... then THAT medallion got stolen by that kid Johnny. I chased him to Hooverville in Central Park and ran into Felix, who happened to be visiting Johnny's mother. We got Johnny to come clean and return the medallion, but now it turns out that his father, Bill, is missing. Felix thinks the Third Eye gang is behind it, so we need to go to their soup kitchen in Central Park to find out what's up.

Felix and I went by the soup kitchen run by the Third Eyes, and we were lucky enough to overhear some of the thugs talking about Bill McMurray. Turned out he was being held in a speakeasy called the Laughing Crow. Of course, you need the password to get in...

Luckily, I had a mind like a steel trap. That was rusty. And squeaked horribly. And didn't really open at all. Okay, so I forgot the password. We can always come back to Central Park and try again though, right?

We still needed to rescue Bill McMurray, so Felix and I went back to The Laughing Crow again. Surely I'd get the password this time!

Luckily, I remembered the password just in the nick of time. Turns out some of Auntie Evelyn's... 'education' did stick with me after all!

We got past the first hurdle, but we still have to actually find poor Bill. There can't be that many places to hide a man in a bar, can there?

Hmm, turns out there are a lot of places to hide a man in a bar. Either that, or I'm just missing something in the crowds. Maybe we can head back there later, when the speakeasies near Central Park aren't so crowded.

Felix and I returned to the Laughing Crow again today. Hopefully our snooping will be more successful this time. After all, it's a pretty small place, right?

After some careful snooping around the bar - and by careful snooping, I mean dodging thrown bottles and drunk people - we noticed some voices coming from a side room, but it was guarded by a rather nasty looking guard.

Unfortunately, the guard had the temerity to, you know, actually guard things, so we weren't able to check out that room. We'll try again later when we're in the Central Park neighborhood.

I couldn't stop thinking about Johnny, Mrs. McMurray and Bill, so I dragged Felix back to The Laughing Crow to see if we can't deal with that guard this time.

Once the guard was good and distracted, I was able to sneak up and listen in on the Third Eye goons... and sure enough, they had Bill McMurray! They thought he had stolen an important medallion from their run-down old shack... but in fact, some chuckleheads stripped the timber (and one medallion) and used it to build Auntie Evelyn's ceiling! I gave them back the medallion, and in return they set Bill McMurray free. But is there something else I could do for him and his family? Maybe I should talk to Aunt Evelyn...

I love it when things come together! Less than a day ago, Bill McMurray was out of contracting work, and Aunt Evelyn had a roof cave-in thanks to shoddy work. But a little Scheherazade magic, and now not only is the roof fixed, but Bill McMurray has his hands full with work requests from all of Aunt Evelyn's friends! I hope things go well for him... and for Johnny.