The Underground is an organized crime syndicate that has branches around the world. Roland is working undercover as a member (under the alias 'Rowan') and describes it as, "an illegal auction house for illicit artifacts". Their current goal is to find (or rather have 'Rowan' find) The Ankh.

Sadie (known as Gwen Dale) and Roland infiltrate the Australia branch in Roland's Australian Adventure. In Roland's Peruvian Adventure, Sadie has to help the organization as well.

Known branch locations (Roland implies there are many more): Edit

Known members and positions: Edit

  • Robertson (in charge of South America)
  • Owney Madden (in charge of Turkey, and when Robertson is away, he takes charge of the Latin American branch)
  • Thomas Blake (Robertson does not like him, so his position is most likely low)
  • Zul al Zan (in charge of Egypt)*
  • Rüdeger von Prenzwald (position unknown, but he is lower than Owney)
    • Sterling Evans (due to Rüdeger being his sponsor, Sterling has to do things for the organization, though he is most likely not an actual member)
  • Viktor (part of the security team)
  • Roland (not an actual member as he is undercover)
  • Sadie (not an actual member as she originally only does things for the organization to assist Roland, and later uses her position and code name to associate with other members on good terms)

*Zul can say in the letter that he sends to Sadie on her birthday that, "Madden and I are no longer... associates". This could mean that Zul has left the organization. Given how Zul does not want Egyptian objects to leave Egypt (notably in The Zul in New York Adventure), him leaving the association would make sense.

Trivia Edit

  • Roland says that he learned about Sadie's birthday from some of his contacts in The Underground