This is a list of things that need to be done at some point. If you complete on of these things and notice that you do, feel free to remove it from the list. If you do something and do not realize it is on this list so you do not mark it off, that is fine. Someone will probably notice and remove it. Feel free to add things to this list. You can also add suggestions, just word it like a suggestion such as, 'Maybe we should add more pictures of cats' or something like that.

Character Page Related Edit

  • Add pages for more characters in general
    • These will probably be characters who have a name but use a generic sprite, or characters without a sprite at all. Not all characters without a sprite need to be mentioned, just more important characters. For example, George Deveny has a page even though he has no sprite because he is directly related to Steven, an important character, and is the reason Steven does a lot of what he does.
    • As of right now, all character sprite images should be uploaded. So, if a new character is found, search around for the image of the character needed.
  • Update the list of capers characters are involved in
  • Add character descriptions
  • Add a quotes page for some characters
  • Add character infoboxes
  • Add information about the relationships main characters have with one another

Caper Related Edit

Don't forget to update the 'Capers' list when a new guide is written and don't forget to update character pages with the caper if they were involved in it

  • Make sure all info boxes for capers are complete
  • Go back and add [Dream of Family Route] in front of the + Dream of Family points gotten on a main adventure page so people know you will not get them when doing the caper on another route.
  • Double check to make sure all relationship points are listed.
  • Add a picture of the requirements for each caper to the individual caper's page
    • Fix requirement lists that have errors and add extra information.
    • Create lists for those events that do not have them
  • Add a picture of the newspaper to each caper page
  • You may not be able to get 100 relationship with Sterling points. I have accounted for 98 you can get and two that exist but cannot be gotten. Due to this, I am concerned that one cannot get 100 relationship points for Sterling. I brought it up to the official forum, so hopefully we hear back.
  • Add the diary entry (on a new page) for each caper
  • Add the songs heard in each caper to the caper pages
  • Add obstacle challenge numbers for normal and hard mode. Instead of playing through every caper on both difficulties, it would be a lot easier to try to mathematically figure out what the difficulty would be. Easy is half of normal and hard is two times easy (or normal +easy). While this method can get most base numbers, determining how stress will impact it is challenging, but there is an equation.
    • If you know the normal difficulty number, add on the stress to it then multiply it by .5 for easy and 1.5 for hard.
    • Example: If you have a normal base of 8, but you get 4 stress. 8+4=12
      • For easy, take 12x.5=6
      • For hard, take 12x1.5=18
    • For numbers that are odd: If you have a normal base of 7, but you get 4 stress. 7+4=11
      • For easy, take 11x.5=5.5. Due to how Python works, it cuts off the decimal, so easy=5
      • For hard, take 11x1.5=16.5. Due to how Python works, it cuts off the decimal, so hard=16

Location Related Edit

  • Update location pages when a new caper is found. This will mainly be individual guy's capers

Achievement Related Edit

  • Create achievement guides for the 100 friendship with guys achievement and make guides showing the progression of friendship points at certain intervals.
  • Figure out what in the world you have to do to get the driven achievement

Other Edit

  • Add more Endings
  • Maybe add information about artifacts/lore of the game, (The Focus, The Ankh, etc.)

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