Action Sadie Adventure

Diary for Part 1 Edit

Dear Diary,

I made an interesting discovery in my mother's diary... a list of artifacts she was searching for, one of which was completely scratched out. That would normally get me at least somewhat interested, but what really made me curious was Aunt Evelyn's reaction... she refused to tell me anything, then went behind my back and told Professor Hemsworth to keep quiet as well! All I was able to get out of them was that thing, whatever it was, caused my parents a lot of problems. Not like that's going to stop me, of course! I just wish Felix was able to come with me for this... he has to stay behind for some family thing. I guess I'll just have to hope that Anna and I can slip away from the Professor's Turkey expedition.

Anna and I snuck away from Professor Hemsworth's group to investigate the crossed off item in my mother's diary... but before we left, Nigel gave us a hint that the missing word was 'baker.' It was a start, but we still didn't know what that meant, so I got in touch with one of my parents' old contacts, Marcel Valentin. I had a bad feeling when I met with him, but I couldn't think of anyone else I could approach. He suddenly showed interest when I mentioned 'baker' and also seemed to think the other words around it were significant... and if he had any other ideas, I didn't hear about them, because he pulled a gun on me and tied up me around that time, not to mention stole my mother's diary! Before he and his goons left, though, I was able to pick one of their pockets and find a ticket to Izmir, and I was able to escape my bonds with the help of a friendly - and hungry - dog. Perhaps the next step is Izmir?

Together with Anna, I travelled to Izmir to try and discover more about the strange 'baker' in my mother's diary and why Marcel wanted it so bad. When we arrived in town, we noticed quite a few Germans in town... odd, considering the political climate. I suggested we snoop around and see if we could find where they were staying.

Unfortunately, I got badly turned around, and I had to hightail it out of there. I'll have to try my luck at Izmir again later.

Back in Izmir, Anna and I tried to find those Germans we saw earlier. Maybe they had something to do with my mother's diary and this 'baker' she mentioned? I wouldn't know until I found them.

Unfortunately, the Germans saw me tailing them, and I had to hightail it out of there. I'll have to try my luck at Izmir again later.

Back in Izmir, Anna and I tried to find those Germans we saw earlier. Maybe they had something to do with my mother's diary and this 'baker' she mentioned? I wouldn't know until I found them.

Well, I didn't find THOSE Germans, but I did find another one, this one familiar... Lorelei Krause. Lovely.

Well, I didn't find THOSE Germans, but I did meet another one, an archaeologist named Lorelei Krause. She seemed nice enough, but I wasn't sure if I could trust her.

Lorelei was pleasant enough and we chatted about all kinds of historical topics, but I could tell she was hiding something, so when she invited us to stay the night, I waited until she slipped out and followed her into the streets. I saw her meeting with the other Germans from before and settled down to wait for them, but... apparently I was sleepier than I thought. Whoops.

After getting kicked awake and chased off by a German soldier, I came back to our lodgings to find Ruddy there, waiting for me. It seems that, for now, he's willing to help. He told me that whatever my mother had found all those years ago, it had attracted the wrong crowd and put Aunt Evelyn in danger... hence why she was so close-lipped about it, I guess. Ruddy had also tracked down the bakers Mom had left the item with... but then his new bodyguard Viktor showed up and announces that one of them is dead, and the other missing. To find the missing Baker, we're going to need some outside help.

Unfortunately, the outside help in question is apparently Zul al Zan. Just when I thought this expedition couldn't get any worse...

The outside help is apparently a man named Zul al Zan, the Pirate of the Sand Seas. Doesn't sound exactly promising, but what else do we have to go on?

He's in Izmir at the moment, so we'll have to meet him later.

On our journey to find the baker who knew my parents, we picked up Zul al Zan, who was willing to tell us where the baker was... if we paid him more than the Germans were paying to keep him hidden! I suppose I can't argue with logic like that. Unfortunately, what followed was an almost constant gunfight/car chase between us and Marcel's goons... or maybe they're German goons, I can't keep them straight at this point. They shot at us at the airport where we were getting ready to fly, they shot at us when we landed, they shot at us when we were in the car, they shot at us when we drove away... it's just been a lot of shooting. To make matters worse, when we found the baker's hideout, he was already dead. We barely made it out by the skin of our teeth ourselves.

We reunited with Ruddy and Viktor on our way home, and Ruddy had a present for me... my mother's diary. There was no way he could have gotten that back from Marcel... unless he was working for him, or vice versa. It sounds like they're all in bed with the Germans, so to speak. Zul must have picked up on my nerves, because the next thing I know, he pulls a gun on Ruddy and says we should have a nice little honest chat. Well, points for effectiveness, I guess! We dropped off Viktor outside of town - easier to handle Ruddy without Lurky McScaryface there - and took Ruddy back to get to the bottom of this.

Except, oh wait, I forgot... this is Ruddy, who never gives a straight answer to anything. Still, we were able to get a bit out of him and out of the diary.

We noticed that next to 'baker' were the words 'parchment' and 'papyrus.' This area was once part of Pergamon, which had the second largest library in the world at one time, second only to Alexandria. The Egyptians felt threatened by this and cut off their supply of papyrus; when that wasn't enough, Marc Antony sent the entire library to Cleopatra as a present. Ruddy thinks that the artifact might be some sort of writing or document from those times and that the baker was charged with hiding or smuggling them as wrapping for baked goods.

Of course, now both bakers were dead, but there was still a chance their wives might know something. Zul and I went to find out.

We went to the first baker's home and spoke with his wife; she wasn't particularly forthcoming and it was clear she was hiding something in one of the rooms, but we decided not to push our luck. We tried the next baker's house only to find that the Germans - and Viktor - had already beaten us to it. They caught Zul, but I managed to get away. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one to get away... I got back to our safe house to find Ruddy had escaped.

I knew something was up with the first wife so I decided to head there first, but no sooner was I out the door than I ran into Viktor. Luckily, Viktor is nothing else if not a polite man of business, and after some... negotiations, he was convinced to transfer his loyalties to me. So I had company when I returned to the first house. The wife was gone, but I was able to see the room she was trying to hide was a kitchen. While we were trying to puzzle things out, who shows up but Zul... and a bunch of German thugs with guns pointed at his head? Between him, me and Viktor, we were able to overpower the Germans and tie them up, but we were still no closer to figuring out the mystery... until I began to wonder if the word 'baker' itself was the key. I tried several anagrams and got the word 'kerab' - the word for tile. A little searching later, and we found a burlap sack hidden behind the wall tile, with a piece of parchment covered with Greek code inside. None of us could read it, but I had a pretty good idea of who could.

Just as I thought, Ruddy was already back at the safe house, along with Lorelei (who apparently had been working for Marcel, but wasn't really, and... look, she just confuses me, let's leave it at that). We managed to arrange an uneasy truce long enough for Ruddy to read the parchment. It was actually a love letter from Marc Antony to Cleopatra, a letter that should have been sent with the Pergamon library but somehow remained here. The ramifications of a find like this are astounding... which naturally inspired us all to start fighting over who should get to keep it. I had just suggested a reasonable compromise - let it remain in Turkey but give credit to the rest of us - when Marcel and his goons showed up. Again.

Luckily, it turns out the Germans disliked Marcel about as much as we did, and he didn't have many henchmen backing him up. Between the lot of us, we were able to take out his cars and tie up him and his men. Zul and I took the letter to turn it in to the Turks. Unfortunately, they needed a photographic record to prove I had turned it in... and any kind of flash photography would have damaged the parchment.

Luckily, with the use of a desk lamp, we were able to light the parchment properly and avoid damaging it with the flash. Zul promised the letter would stay in Turkey, and after all this... I think I believe him.

It meant that my name won't be on the plaque - that I won't get the credit for finding it, or going though all that risk - but you know, that's not important. What's important is that the letter is safe in a museum in its own country, where everyone can enjoy it.

Diary for Part 2 Edit

Dear Diary,

Classes with Professor Hemsworth have been going well, but today he called me aside after one of them to speak to me in private. I thought it was because I'd been drifting off in class - I can't help it if I already know the details of the Greco-Turkish war! - but it turns out he wanted to talk to me about an interesting rumor about a colony of Greeks living in the area of the fairy chimneys even after all the Greeks were expelled from Turkey. Nigel thinks this could be a Hellenic society that has been isolated for hundreds of years. If he's right, the implications could be staggering! I should speak with him further about this... he should still be around here on the streets of Istanbul.

Over breakfast, Nigel told me a little more about this colony of Hellenistic Greeks and warned me that Zul al Zan was also searching for it... for less ethical reasons than we are. Professor Hemsworth couldn't join Anna and I in our expedition, but he did put us in touch with Lorelei Krause again. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea, but at the same time, we needed the help, and she knew her stuff. Rashad would also be guiding us there, as he knew the area well. No sooner had we had our first planning meeting, however, than our driver suddenly turned on us and tried to take us to Zul al Zan. I was able to take him out, but things were getting ridiculous!

Anna and I returned to the hotel after our brush with Zul's driver and warned Lorelei what was happening. I swear, five minutes later, Rashad was missing, Lorelei was getting threatening notes from Marcel Valentin, and that dang driver from earlier was pulling up demanding we come with him to see Rashad. Sometimes I feel like I should have chosen a quieter, slower-paced career, like pilot or race car driver or police officer.

Luckily, the driver was just as useless the second time around, and I overpowered him... only to suddenly get in a firefight with none other than Zul al Zan himself. Turns out he didn't tell his driver to get me at all... seems like Marcel is double-crossing more than a few people. I tried to explain what was going on with the Hellenistic Greeks to Zul and he wouldn't listen; he was insistent that Greeks do not belong here and need to be killed or returned 'home', no matter how long they've been here. He also had no idea where Rashad was. I rushed to get back to the hotel, only to end up in another deliberate car accident. Ugh, my head is still aching from that one.

I returned to the hotel to one bit of good news, at least; Rashad had escaped from his kidnappers and made it back in one piece. Just when I thought I'd figured out all the double, triple and quadruple crosses between Zul al Zan and Marcel's crews, it turns out there's another bad guy in the mix: Professor Blake was the one who waylaid Rashad, and it sounds like he's after the colony as well. Seems like we have a bit of a race ahead of us! Once we start out from Urfa, who will make it first?

Today we set off on the Cappadocia expedition to find the lost Greek colony in the land of the fairy chimneys. I left Anna behind at the hotel and set out on motorbike with Lorelei and Rashad. We hadn't gotten too far when we found Goon number 2,459 on our trail. Honestly, it's almost getting boring! We got the upper hand on him pretty quickly and set off again.

We reached the fairy chimneys near sunset, and sure enough, little lights began to sparkle in windows and doorways. It really was inhabited! We went down into the underground passages, waving white flags, until we met one of the Greeks we were seeking. He spoke a version of Greek I'd never heard before, but somehow Rashad was able to understand it completely. There's more to that man than meets the eye! We were taken to a fabulous underground city, more than I'd ever dreamed... I can't imagine the infrastructure necessary to maintain it. At least now I know how to get there from Urfa... I can come and go as I please. Which is good... we'll need to do what we can to protect these people.

We still needed to find a way to protect the Hellenistic community in Cappadocia from Zul al Zan, so we decided to stay the night and try and think up of a plan. During the night, however, Zul al Zan showed up, and while he hadn't found the main underground complex, he did catch a few of the locals... oh yes, and Rashad and myself as well. Oops. As usual, trying to talk Zul down went absolutely nowhere, but he did let us roam the area without being tied down... I suppose he figured we couldn't exactly escape without motorcycles or do anything to stop him with just two of us.

Luckily, Lorelei hadn't been found yet, and we were able to reunite with her out of sight of the guards. Rashad confirmed that the rest of the Greeks had hidden deep within the underground complex and would be difficult if not impossible to find, so we decided to send Lorelei off to find help while Rashad and myself looked for ways to stop Zul.

And then suddenly this little patch of Turkey became Grand Central Station for every criminal in the area. First Zul was there, then Blake showed up, then Marcel appeared with Lorelei held hostage. I was worried, but Rashad assured me that help would be on the way and that I should get some rest.

I woke up to find Marcel pointing his gun at me... and Lorelei helping him. Ugh, I should have known! Marcel demanded that I take him to the underground and show where the people were, despite the fact that this would destroy their culture... there was no way I was going to cooperate with them!

I pretended to show them the entrance to the underground complex, wedged between two boulders. Lorelei encouraged Marcel to go first, but he refused, suspecting her of setting him up to be jumped by Rashad (which, for all I know, might be true... never can tell with Lorelei!) She ended up going first, which gave me the opportunity to bonk Marcel on the head, make him drop his torch, and leave them both in the darkness while I made my way to the surface. On the way, though, I made an incredible find... a temple lined with musite, the rarest, most legendary mineral in the world!

I tried to give Marcel and Lorelei the slip, but no dice... I ran into them again as I tried to escape. On our way, we came across an amazing temple lined with musite, the rarest, most legendary mineral in the world! The place must have been worth millions. Certainly that's what Marcel thought. He started trying to pull stones off the wall, but I'd had it and managed to knock his gun away and get it myself. Lorelei actually seemed pleased and claimed that she'd been playing along with Marcel in the hopes of an opportunity for Rashad or her to deal with him. She might have been telling the truth (who can tell with Lorelei?) but I couldn't risk it, so I tied them both up and got one of the locals to keep an eye (and a gun) on them. I guess this means Lorelei won't be sending me a Christmas card this year...

I came back up top to find Blake tied up, Zul ticked off, and a bunch of angry men eager to shoot other angry men. But the cavalry came, literally, when Anna showed up with Rashad's Bedouin friends. There was a tense standoff to end all tense standoffs until I finally broke down and outright bribed Zul: one piece of musite in return for 'forgetting' about the Greek settlement here. Luckily, he took the deal, and I know Zul usually follows his word... mostly. The locals will likely burrow down deeper and disappear, and Marcel is going to get kicked out of the country, if a certain British friend of mine has anything to say about it. The Cappadocia settlement should be least for now.